What Features Would You Like to See on THS?

@Marion you can forward the link to
to raise your concerns .
I have done this when I have been worried for potential sitters safety . I agree it would be helpful if there was an easier way to flag these type of listings to MS.

I don’t remember. It was a long time ago!

I did. Thanks. It’s gone.

As yet another application languishes unread in an HO’s mailbox, I really wish everyone’s profile showed their average response time to enquiries. I see a lot of complaints from both sitters and HOs about slow response times and I think knowing what a person’s response times are typically like would help manage expectations and also encourage faster responses.


I would like to see London sits list the zone.

I would really like to see a Manhattan only filter.


@Jenny hello to you, would it be possible to forward this onto those that need to know the following comments please?

On the forum, it’s becoming quite a common complaint that some members are very slow to respond to applications and messages.

I asked some owners if they get an email prompt to remind them to respond to applicants and it’s appears they don’t.

So, could I please suggest that this is put on the list of features that need looking into.

Thank you

I assume that HOs get an email prompt when applications and messages arrive. Some may have switched those off, some may have spam filters, some may just ignore it.

It is like the “Trusted Times” newsletter - I don’t usually read it. I have not noticed it recently.

I agree that a prompt / reminder to follow up on the initial application would be useful.

However an automatic follow up prompt to all messages wouldn’t work because not all messages need a reply . For example I have conversations with Homeowners in my inbox - that need no further replies but the system would not know that. All the system can see is that I or HO has sent a message and not got a reply .

Hello @Daisy999 Thank you for your suggestion. Jenny is currently offline so I am more than happy to pass your feedback on.

When any new message is sent on the platform, including an application the member will receive an email notification ‘You have received a new message!’

I can feedback to the team and ask if there is any way to further prompt members to reply.

As @pietkuip suggested checking that you are receiving the emails that you should be by reaching out to the Membership Services Team and @Silversitters made a great point that follow-up prompts might not be needed for all conversation.

But to reassure you every message does generate a ‘You have received a new message!’ notification.

I hope that helps and if I hear anything else I will let you know :slight_smile:

I just noticed a new feature this week - not sure when it was implemented. If a house sit has more than one set of dates listed a + is noted indicating there is another set of dates. I really appreciate this as I would often search for places I want to sit and open the listing to see if there were other available dates. Thanks for adding this!


Sorry to let you know @Globetrotter but that feature has been around a long time!

Yes! This!! I checked today and I have over 900 sitters who have saved our listing - and we get more a few times every week. But these new sitters are buried somewhere in the 900+ that are already there. I’ve given up trying to review all these sitters. It’s just overwhelming because I can’t find the new ones coming in. I can’t get through all the ones that have saved our listing over the past many years. We’ve sold the house we had when we first joined, and are not even in the same continent! But there’s no way to see who saved our old house, and who has recently saved our new one, because they are not in chronological order.

Another thing that would help this review process is if we could set it aside and then go back to it by typing in the page where we want to start. It’s tedious and cumbersome if you have to scroll to the bottom of each page and click ‘next’ 27 times in order to get to page 28!

And now, speaking as a sitter, I know homeowners can save sitters as favorites, too. But the sitters never know! Not so long ago, I spoke to a sitter who didn’t know homeowners could save favorite sitters.
And then she felt bad because she thought no homeowners had ever saved her as a favorite because she’d never been notified! I am sure she has loads of homeowners who saved her as favorites, because she’s an awesome sitter - and I told her so. Homeowners get a notification, but the sitters don’t. Why not? I think it would be great if sitters and home-owners could see when there is mutual interest, too.


I must need reading glasses :slight_smile:

That is a brilliant idea and would suit us. We often want to go away on last minute trips. Bring it on!

Exactly! We are often out of our home state.

Yes, I’d like to be able to search for multiple countries in Europe at the same time.

On the web interface, you can define an area on the map and make a Saved search of that. This should then generate a daily email of listings with new dates.

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1,3,6 months

Please add a “house sit only”
Or “n/a” for pet care, house sits with no pet care should be accurately recorded.
Thank you

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As a homeowner, I’d like a “Sitter Hello Guide” from the sitter telling us important information about them. It seems when we release the Welcome Guide with everything about us (home/car, lives, ALL our contact info, pet, emergency contacts, ETC) there could be a Sitter Guide released to us. It could have their full name, address, phone number, email address, and one or more emergency contacts.

What if something happens to them while they are sitting or we can’t reach them? What if they lose their phone or the internet goes down? What if we get a call from the neighbors that there is water pouring out of the foundation and no one is answering the doorbell? Or what if a neighbor calls bc there is someone they don’t know laying unresponsive in the driveway and they’ve called 911 but don’t know anything about the person, or we come home and find the sitter in a coma on the floor? What if we found something of theirs after we got back and we call but they are out of cell/internet range, or their subscription ends and therefore contact through the app ends, too?

I’m not talking about stuff too private to have shared with us about a person we are entrusting with our home, car, pet and everything inside our home. This is basic contact and emergency information.

They can also share allergies or anything else they may feel appropriate. (For example, they may be allergic to peanuts, or blooming orchids, and would prefer they not be in their living space. Or maybe they are allergic to chocolate which is one of the welcome gifts I usually leave.)

Or they can say they use unscented soap or laundry detergent…

There could be a lot of other things that would make their stay more pleasant they may like to include in their Hello guide, but required would be the essential items such as their full name (nickname and possibly preferred gender, address, phone number, email address, and one or more emergency contacts).

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