What Features Would You Like to See on THS?

Is it possible to organise favourite listings? By location/country or pet? I have numerous favourites and it is quite a chore scrolling through the haphazard listing

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  • I’d like to be able to contact a HO before applying to get further clarification.
  • Also the TIME the sit is from/to would be helpful - need to consider when I would need to leave on the day of the sit and for returning home
  • Saved Searches should be amendable
  • Search filters
  • options to choose male/female pets;
  • Filters on/off without needing to ‘Apply’
  • Selecting Multiple Regions
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  • Ability to hide sits where you would not consider (opposite of Favouriting) - could be for anything based on location/breed of dog/level of care needed v experience

I would like to scroll through listing photos without having to open the full listing.

Mine is simple… to be able to save filters, I get quite frustrated in having to always tick each box when searching different countries.

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Likely mentioned in here somewhere but a tag for HOs to note that other pets are or are not accepted into their home so that sitters can search by this filter the same way we can for “family friendly places”

I wish there was a filter for New York City that was actually for New York City . ONLY NYC boroughs . NOT New Jersey sits that are an hour away or CT.
If there aren’t NYC sit available, say there are not sits available and don’t show NJ and CT . I know how to expand the search area if I want to stay an hour away.


@ExploreDreamDiscover the Pet Parent is required to select closest city, so it’s those nearby in NJ, Brooklyn, Queens, etc that select New York City.

It actually should be Manhattan as that is the borough (one of five) of New York City which everyone seems to wants.

When I seach NYC I get Red Bank NJ. 1 hour away. When I search New Orleans LA I don’t get Baton Rouge LA or Biloxi Mississippi.

Definitely! When I am chosen to a new sit I give all that in case of emergency. And I like to HAVE that from the HO as well and I share to my sister in case of an emergency.

Zoom in on the map and search from there.

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@ABGM I do but would like to see an accurate list

Wow, 550 replies… is anyone from TH reading these, who is in a position to DO something with the suggestions, or is it a general wish/rant thread?


**Background checks for HOs. Yes, I know this has been brought up elsewhere. Doesn’t seem to have been implemented. Why the heck wouldn’t you require references/checks for ALL your membership, not just half of it? As has been pointed out, sitters do not really know what they’re getting into, especially if a HO has few or no reviews.

*Better functioning map search. It is too small a box on Firefox at only 1/3 ish of the screen and requires a ton of scrolling. On Edge, you can get a bit bigger map but the thumbnails at the bottom do not have the locations as they do on Firefox. Also, it has no zoom buttons! This shouldn’t be a difficult programming fix.
I have messaged TH this suggestion and got a noncommittal response.


@ExploreDreamDiscover what do you mean by “accurate list”? I’m currently using a map search for a specific region as well, and I find if I zoom in close around it it’s not too bad. Are you looking for specific boroughs that it won’t do? I could see where zoomage might not be close enough for that.

what do you mean by “accurate list”?
I’ve explained it to the best of my ability.

I’d like to be able to search for any listings containing a particular word. I might be interested to learn more about a particular breed, for example, and want to search for any listings containing the word ‘Vizsla’. Or it might be something unrelated to the animals themselves, like ‘kayak’ or ‘off-grid’.


If you don’t position the map interface very carefully-- and sometimes even resetting it – then you get many things outside your desired area because they’re caught in the map.

For example, I can’t search a certain area of the Mediterranean without getting Dubai and the UAE in there, or sometimes it jumps all the way up to past the alps.

Who knows. It’s not great software.


Yes, this too. Have to zoom way in and scroll a lot. And then there are the times it resets itself and goes “something went wrong” and you have to start all over again. Or maybe that’s just my crummy internet :laughing:

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I’ll say that if you Google the words “house sit” and “search” you will get a 3rd party application which pulls from THS, Nomador, Mind my house, and many others. It has a very workable user interface.

It has boxes that you can tick for specific countries, or you can do continents/regions. You then have to toggle BACK to the THS site to see the actual sit, and to see if it’s still accepting applications.

My tactic is to keep the particular sits that interest me on a laptop/desktop and refresh THOSE periodically, rather than re-running a THS search. Many of them may re-open to applications, and if they do, I have already read the listing and am able to tailor an application to it.

This also provides a workaround to the way THS won’t show you sits which are already “reviewing” when you use the app, or will be buried amongst other listings that aren’t live. At least this way you can find potential sits and see the dates they were originally for.


@pitcherplant how very interesting. Thanks for the tip.