What Features Would You Like to See on THS?

You can save the map search once you got it right. Unfortunately, in the web interface, there is a limit of only three Saved searches for a Basic sitter.

Basic text formatting for listings and profiles.

Retire the “low applications” label.

Post the local time of when emails are exchanged via the platform. Just like regular emails.

I received an “application” … opened it immediately and replied within about 15 minutes.

The initial email shows sent 3 hours ago…not actually accurate…unless it took 3 hours to arrive in my inbox…

And my reply shows sent 4 hours ago…also not accurate…

But certainly confusing…


I’m a sitter, and I 100% agree on all of your points here! These are all complaints I’ve had about the emails forever. And I came to the forum today because I have a notification that I have 2 unread emails, but but all the emails show as read! Could it be some random one nested inside the others? I started opening all the recent threads and the “show 15 hidden emails,” and so far, I cannot find any that are unread, except two that the homeowners I wrote to have not read. Is it that their unread messages are showing up as 2 unread in my box? If so, WHYYYYYYY?

I am listing 4 consecutive weeks of dates.

I don’t want to list the dates as a full month, as there is flexibility in THsitters doing all or some of the dates; month listing could turn some sitters off from applying.

Home host should be able to list weeks with the same start date.

Currently, my dates look like a sitter can arrive on Sept 13th and leave on the 20th. Cool.

BUT I actually need the next sitter to ARRIVE on the 20th when sitter “A” is/may departing on the 20th.

The next round of dates starting on the 21st is NOT accurate since I would need the next sitter to arrive on the 20th at some point.

If the next sitter arrives on the 21st, my cat will be left alone if I cant schedule a sitters to leave and depart on the same day.

If sitter A needs to leave at 7am on the 20th and sitter B arrives at 7am on the 21st… THS has made it so that my cat is left alone for 24 hrs.

I know that sitters can apply for a next sit on the same day their current sit ends but from a home host perspective, my cat could be left alone for a 24hr period based on a THS “policy” of schedule limitations.

Please allow home hosts to list dates with the overlapping start end dates.


Where only a home host can unconfirm a sit, the home host should have a choice of two notifications to send.

Sitter cancelling
Home host cancelling


When a sit is being cancelled, the party that initiated the cancelation should send the email notification and it should reflect the activity:

If sitter cancelling- email should say: SITTER CANCELING SIT

If home host cancelling- email should say: HOME HOST CANCELING SIT

Then the other party clicks “confirm/accept”.


A no-brainer: even out discrepancies between web interface and the app.


  • Present missing reviews also in the web interface
  • Display photo captions also in the web interface
  • etc (for example the Saved-searches inconsistencies)

I’d like to be able to set notifications of messages from HOs to SMS.

SMS would not be necessary if THS could manage to get push notifications to work properly, like most other app developers.

Right now I do not get sound alerts (in my iPhone). That is the newest bug, from a few days ago.

As long as it’s reliable and dead simple for newbies to enable (or set up to opt out rather than in), any solution is fine by me.

Date range search on the favourites list would be helpful!

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Agree! I’m only ever going to sit for homes with cats, so it’s a pain having to constantly change the animal filter!

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Home hosts should have an option when using the THS’ welcome guide online to send a draft copy (leaving out personal info), to thsitters BEFORE the sitter is required to confirm a sit. Tx


A checklist HO/PP have to complete regarding their animals, so more info is upfront, especially for dogs. Most HO/PP I’ve encountered have been pretty upfront. However, in the last few months I’ve encountered a number of HO/PP who just don’t disclose info or wait until the last minute to let you know.

Can they walk properly on a leash?
How long can they be left alone?
Do they know basic commands?
Do they take medication or have special needs?
Do they have a behavioral issues?

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I’d like to make notes on my dashboard about my upcoming sits…info gleaned from calls or correspondence about the sit…date and time we agree to arrive, depart, etc… instead of having to go back over the notes.


Please do not remove earned reviews when an account becomes inactive or a member becomes former.

Remove the identifying thumbnail graphic of such a member but leave the earned reviews.

Write it into the terms & conditions as such: "earned reviews will not be removed from the member’s profile since that member participated in the trust exchange in good faith. Your Identifying information will be removed at your request but not earned reviews. "


@HelloOutThere Thank you for your suggestion. There is an update about this on this thread Red flag? 4 past sitters none left reviews - #57 by pietkuip It explains what we have to remove to be GDPR compliant. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Is there a way for us to be notified if someone has asked their data to be wiped? Like a mass email to all the people who have a review from (person)?

Presumably the wipe happens periodically, so there could be a window of awareness in which people could screenshot their reviews etc.

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As a HO I would like to have an extra description field by the dates I post, so that for example I could state - “Dates are flexible to be agreed with sitter”. Also depending on the time of day I have to leave my home determines the practicality of having a single person staying or a couple. So I would like to state - “Single sitters only” . I think having a short extra description field applied to those dates only would be very useful, and means I don’t have to update my welcome guide.
This would be in addition to all the usual information provided.

For homeowners, I would like “Photos” to be its own separate category in the listing editing page. At the moment, photos are hidden within other categories

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