What Features Would You Like to See on THS?

It looks like the star rating would still be present, so the review would be blank , except for the star rating, correct?

That the overall star rating be an average of the subset ratings.

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That’s what it used to be @Oztravels but it was one of the changes THS decided to make thinking it was better for members to have control over that. I’m thinking there are many of us who would like this brought back considering the inconsistencies that are being made, especially by owners, some who are mortified by their mistake. Sadly, I see sitters getting all 5* in categories with a great written review but with an overall 3*. Neither the owner nor the sitter realise they can get Membership Services to adjust this, so it stays as is on their profile which is unfortunate.


This is an ongoing request.

Please allow thsitters to OPT OUT or OPT IN of the “invite sitter” option.


At the very least, allow thsitters to BLOCK OUT the calendar on our profiles.


Functions that will definitely help: 1- make the search by filters accurate (often the number of days that I indicate in the filters, let’s say a meeting is at least 7 days, they still don’t filter short seats for 2-3 days).
2- Canceling sending a message would be very useful.
3- Cancellation of the meeting by the nanny
4- Index to understand where the house is located, and not to find out after that the house is generally located outside the city that was indicated in the profile.
5- Indicate information about how long animals can be alone

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Restore the daily email alerts for Saved searches.

(This site is only getting worse.)


Hi @Jenny

Can you pass this to the powers that be over at HQ.

A simple and quick way of reporting inappropriate listings would be most helpful. It’s been requested multiple times yet never seems to make its way to the ‘changes to be considered’ list (or if it does, members don’t know)

Today I reported yet another listing, this time the owners son was going to be there. It was a new member with no reviews, so they may not have been aware it wasn’t allowed or they did and hoped that the listing went live. Either way, it’s wrong and whoever vetted the listing at THS missed it.

Taking screenshots and emailing takes time, a simple report this listing button would be so much easier - at the end of the day, members are trying to help THS, it shouldn’t be a one way thing.

Thank you.


Hi @Daisy999

Consider it done!

If I hear anything that I can pass back to you, I will do so :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I just wanted to say that we really appreciate the effort that you and other members go to when reporting listings, as it does sound like a process that could be simplified.



I’d like the option to select a continent eg ‘Europe’ when searching for sits.

I also wish TH would automatically release perhaps just the street name once a sit is confirmed, so sitters aren’t left in the dark. Asking the HO is one thing, but they don’t always share until close to the sit date. We like to do a google street view around the area, see how it is for parking hire cars and generally check there aren’t any suprises.

Similarly, in the US, search by region: New England, Southeast, Southwest, etc. They have this on Housesitters America (I mention this as a way to see how someone else is doing it).


@Ainafeaiel when I started 2 1/2 years ago there was a Europe filter, but it was removed during one of the search "improvements "
I’d like to see it return.


In the last Newsletter it was also stated that HOs could Not invite a sitter that already booked on a sit. I have received 4 invites in the past week for dates that I am already booked. Why is this still happening? (Asking admins)

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The new changes to the Messaging and inbox haven’t come in yet @katybjork. The Newsletter was just giving notice this is to happen.


PLEASE!!! I know this is a long and old thread but one feature that I know has been mentioned and is still a huge source of frustration is the inability to somehow mark the sits we’ve looked at and have eliminated as something that interests us (ie the opposite of a “saved” sit).
I frequently look for sits to “save” and after reading HUNDREDS of posts it is impossible to know if I’ve already looked at a listing or not - there are specific things I am looking for in the description so if I could “red line” then so I don’t waste time reading them again it would SAVE SO MUCH TIME as a sitter.


I’d love to see a printable daily checklist, especially for pet meds. Tasks could run down the left side and days of the week across the top. Owners could add things like:

Kitty, one xyz pill AM
Fido, one packet of abc powder with wet food, AM
Fido, one pill Thurday mid day

I think this would be very helpful when there are multiple pets and/or meds and irregular or varied doses. We (sitters) are trying to do our very best, but we’re in a strange house with new to us animals and may be balancing our own personal lives/wwwork/vacation, etc. Help us to help you.


Here’s something I would like to NOT see.
I have alerts set for a whole country and when I set the phone app to map view to see what’s near me, many non-available sits are shown. That’s really annoying.

@ExploreDreamDiscover I have an update for you and the community. The ability to search by continent is now back and you will be able to search for Europe again!

Thank you for your feedback about how helpful this was :smiling_face:

  1. Would love to be able to “swipe left” on certain listings so I’ll never have to see them again.
  2. Would love to be able to exclude certain areas. For example, everywhere except X country.

Great to see search by continent is back, thank you!


@Carla wow, great news!
Ann Marie



Next wish: searches for European Union.

(Or really: Europe minus UK.)

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