What Features Would You Like to See on THS?

I thought this Europe filter would not include UK since UK has it’s own filter.
I think the previous Europe fiter didn’t include the UK. Not certain, it’s been a while.

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@Carla Any timing on that? Still not possible in the app. I don’t use the desktop very often. Also is European including the UK or excluding UK?

It is with the UK included, so not terribly useful.

Just now 3200 listings in the UK, and about a hundred or so in the rest of Europe.

Surely, the people that tested this must have seen that too? And they did not think a little step further?

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Hello everyone, Thank you for your feedback. The previous Europe filter also included the UK. I have let the team know that you think it would be helpful to separate the UK. I will let you know what they update me with slight_smile: Thank you!


Can’t wait for this upgrade. I really, really want to be able to block dates when I’m NOT available and have it notify a HO if they try to message me for dates within the blocked times. As I reply to any request I receive, even if it’s to decline, this would be a real time saver on both ends.


Agreed. But I think the ability to excluded countries would possibly be a solution too. I dont know what will work. I only know this solution" is pretty useless for my needs and those of others from what I’ve read on this forum.

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YES!! I would like to have a feature where I can mark a listing with some kind of marking - an X or a red circle with a line or SOMETHING that tells me I have already seen this listing and am not interested in it so I can eliminate listings from my search and don’t have to review them all again and again. It is exhausting to want to “save” listings but unable to eliminate the ones I would never apply for.


I would like back all the things they have taken from us without having to pay extra for them!


Being able to select a geographic area then set a miles range related to that area.

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Rather than distance…make a drop down menu for miles, etc.


That you can do in the web interface, using the map.

Are you talking about location such as East coast sits, Midwest sits, West coast. Those are something id like to see. Example if a persons on a sit in California and dont want to fly all the way to the east coast, they could choose West coast and it would show sits all in whats considered West coast area states. That would be cheaper to fly within that area.

Not that.

If one enters Boston, MA then the option to look for sits within a 10, 20, 25…miles radius.

Oh i see .

And the HO should never be able to request a Sitter that is already booked. If TH can block sitters from applying on overlapping dates then they can do the same to save HO and PS the time of saying no to requests.