What Features Would You Like to See on THS?

I’d like to see a New Review Category for Sitters who Cancel last minute. Home Owners need to be aware of sitters who do this, because it leaves us in a huge bind and adds a ton of stress trying to last minute re-list our sits! I’ve just had sitters cancel after they confirmed by video call they would take my sit, very disappointed and it’s leaving me unsettled and stressed out now. They knew my phone number, but didn’t bother texting me, so I had to find out by logging into THS after I assumed this sit was a certainty. I cannot review them or cannot warn others that they may back out at last minute, what can I do? Does anyone know if there is a category to review sitters for cancelling last minute?

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Hello @Myka Thank you for your suggestion! Had the sitters officially confirmed via the site after the video call? (it was a confirmed sit on your dashboard) If so and they cancelled outside of exceptional circumstances feel free to reach out to Membership Services for further assistance. They may be able to help boost your dates!

Hey Carla - no they had not officially confirmed the sit on THS, but according the video call, it was a dead certainty, they told me by text - ‘they found a better sit, so took that one instead’. My problem is that once I confirmed the sit, my listing was removed so others could NOT see my dates I needed help with, so I go no other apps. I had to cancel it and relist it in order for it to show up.

@Myka Thank you for clarifying that. I will pass on your feedback about how the confirmation feature works while owners are waiting for the sitters to also officially confirm the sit.
I can see you have started a new thread about your experience, so will leave it there for now as you are getting helpful peer-to-peer advice and support there :slight_smile:

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The ability to pause your membership.
Due to unforseen medical issues, we cannot petsit for the foreseeable future.

It would be nice if we could pause our membership until the medical issues are resolved.

I’d like to see 4 stars as the norm with 5 stars only for exceptional sits.

This could be achieved by allowing members a set maximum number of times per annum that they are allowed to give 5 stars.

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Personally, I’d like the star system scrapped meaning both HO and sitters would have to actually write a review. Sometimes the star system is a tick box exercise

@Colin I am trying to understand how this idea would work in practice?

For a sitter or owner who only sits once or twice a year presumably they could give five stars for all their sits without using up their quota .
Whereas full time sitters who do multiple sits would only be able to rate a limited number of their completed sits as five star?
Wouldn’t that put off owners from picking them or at least they would first enquire how many of your 5 star ratings have you got left to give this year ( and if the answer is we have already used up our allocation- then owners won’t choose them as they know that best they can get is 4 stars - )?


Ok, admittedly I have not thought too much about the fine detail of my master plan.

It’s just, as five stars is the norm for a great sit, it seems unfair that the truly amazing sits can not be scored higher.

Maybe every member has just one to use in the whole of their membership, similar to the golden buzzer on ‘Your Countries Got Talent’ :rofl:


How about scraping the overall stars and just have individual category stars.

And each category requires a text box with a min/max characters for categories that are with than 5 stars ( or 4…)

The problem with that people don’t always know many times they’ll be travelling and it might make sitters less likely to take sits if hosts travel a lot.

Just scrap the stars altogether and force both parties to actually write a review. Can be short or long but I believe it’s the best solution

I don’t agree.

I think the stars have a useful summary purpose and the reviews would be more efficient if each category had a brief summary text box and maybe a final brief text box summary.

Keep them blind.

I read the reviews and honestly some are like unhelpful diary entry.

Imagine if the reviews for both parties end with this final check box:
don’t recommend
Recommend with caution

That’s the benefit of opinions, sometimes we agree and sometimes we don’t.
But I’m right :rofl:

You are indeed right…we don’t agree😉

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