What Features Would You Like to See on THS?

Would love to be able to filter search to look for more than one country / destination in a single search - or to eliminate options, so eg. if I am flexible but due to ESTA can’t do US sits I can search anywhere but omit all the US results.

Also, number of pets - for instance if you are very happy to dog sit but don’t want sits with more than two dogs.

Would be such a time saver to specify search filters in more detail. :slight_smile:


I think this would be useful for a HO to know too. I reached out to some sitters for private invites who were listed nearby - and a few were no longer in the city they were ‘based’ in and said they HAD to register an address to THS. In the case of wanting to build a relationship with a sitter for last minute housesits or future housesits- it would be nice to know if the sitter was truly nomadic, and/or, currently on petsitting until - (name the region) and/or currently in (country/city). So perhaps the HO and the petsitter could have an introductory chat for proposed dates or even meet-up in the area.

I would like to have a feature that allows me to easily see sits that have paused & 5 app limit) and are reviewing applications. At the moment it’s near impossible to see the sits that are reviewing applications if you search across a larger area than just 1 city

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Why can’t we choose NO PETS as well as pets at the same time?

I’d like to be able to say, for example,

:heavy_check_mark: no pets
:heavy_check_mark: cats
:black_square_button: dogs
:heavy_check_mark: small
:black_square_button: horses
:heavy_check_mark: fish
:heavy_check_mark: reptiles


AND the size & number of animals… if I’m one person, I can do one big dog and up to 4 cats… BUT if the dogs are small, then I can do 2 dogs


INSANE that this isn’t already a thing on here. it’s a free-for-all!


I love the suggestion of waiting to publish reviews until both parties have summited theirs! I’ve only been using THS for not quite a year and have had two sitters now not leave reviews. It’s frustrating when we all rely on those reviews to showcase our credibility and trust.


Hi there
I have gleamed from the forum that the review process can be confusing as it is now.

It could be that these particular sitters completed a review that seemed it was for you but in fact it’s not, it’s for trust pilot.

I know it’s been a while and you’ll do what you see fit but I would certainly follow up with any sitters that have an uncompleted review and mention that I’m not seeing their review on my profile and perhaps even try to send a screenshot of some sort to show that empty review.

I would certainly also mention that if they are aware of that and if there was any problems during the stay in my home that I would greatly appreciate them bringing it to my attention.

No reply needed just some thoughts.


Hear hear, sick of keep reporting them


@ExploreDreamDiscover I thought that this was already an option? On the find a sit filters bit you can click which pets/animals you prefer. I’m not sure how limiting this is for discounting some sits (e.g. if you only click horses & cats does that then filter out sits with those animals plus dogs? I’d assume so?) but I have used it myself to see what equine only sits are out there.

I mean a filter to sit for cats and horses together. Currently you can search for say, horses and cats and you will see all sits with either horses and cats but not necessarily included both.

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Ah I see; yes that makes sense

Does the product/engineering team at THS gather information from discussions like this or do any UX interviews to help improve the platform? Several of these requests seem simple enough and would tremendously help the user experience, but after being on the platform for about a year, I haven’t seen much improvement rolled out.
I’m mostly just curious if this thread is beneficial or just all of us shouting into a black hole. :laughing:


@pergamino I’m thinking you’ve summed it up well in your last sentence :laughing:


@pergamino @MissChef Thank you for this feedback. I just wanted to update you and any new members reading this thread.
When a sitter completes their profile there are several mandatory fields with a minimum character count. Including sections such as pet care experience, why do you want to sit, introduction and about you, plus verifications.
Please feel free to add any other suggestions for any additional sections that you feel would be helpful to add to sitters’ profiles, they can then be passed to the product team. Thank you, Carla

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Sorry Carla but I wasn’t talking about sitters.

It’s homeowners who seem to leave a lot of information out of their profiles!

Perhaps listings should expire…and there should be enforced updates. I mean, I responded to ads where people have moved since the ad was posted, the pictures are all from the old place! Or they have acquired new pets since the posting was made!

I would love to see support/mgmt implement a program that would require everyone (sitters and homeowners) to change their password… In doing so, they should also have to also revise their profile

The system should be programmed so that users cannot complete/submit the profile to be visible unless each field is filled with the minimum correct data.

There’s no excuse for why homeowners don’t include a photo for each section of the house (kitchen, sitter’s, bathroom, sitter’s bedroom, living area, etc).

And, it should not be up to the sitters to police listings and report those that don’t have the correct pictures uploaded, don’t include current or complete details about how to care for their pets or their home.

You don’t have to do this for every single member at once, you can roll it out over several months.


I do the same exact thing! And it happens on both countryside and city sits. It can be quite misleading, although it’s not intentional. It helps when the Home Owners put distances to nearby towns or landmarks. If it’s in a City, it’s helpful to know is it really the City or ??
And it’d be helpful to have a middle category on the whole “sitters need a car” because It’s definitely a large cost. I’ve done it for month longs sits, but it just wouldn’t be worth it for shorter stays.


Hello, @MissChef Thank you for your feedback, you replied to a comment about sitter profiles so I think that is where the confusion comes from. You have some great feedback and ideas here.

The listings have been updated over time and there is now more mandatory content, with minimum characters and advice pop-ups for information needed and asking for photos of each room. They are continuing to see how they can improve these, so feedback like this helps further improvements.

All new member listings are individually approved by the Membership Services team and we also have an internal process for staff to help spot listings that need updating, so we are working with the forum community as well and really appreciate your help when you spot one.

You are correct there are listings from when the community first started many years ago and there were different requirements, however when they log back in they see the new setup and need to complete the required fields. But good idea about how to integrate these.

I will pass this along and I like your password update idea as so many systems seem to be doing that now.
Thank you, Carla


@Kwc18 I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to the community and thank you for contributing to this thread.
It is great to see that you have added your TrustedHousesitters sitters profile to your forum profile that way other members can see it and provide feedback and get to know you.
I visited Albany NY recently when on a sit and I loved the museum!
Best wishes Carla


There is a workaround to this, by doing a page search function (Control F on a Windows PC)

If you search for the area you know the sitter lives, then when the site brings back the results, click Control F and then input the name you want, and Windows will highlight in orange and yellow all examples of that name on the page. I do this a lot, especially on Ebay to find “100%” good feedback from a list of 250, as I only buy from all good feedback sellers, and Ebay don;t provide this function.

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