What is a locked thread?

I tried to respond to a thread and I think it was locked. What is it? Why does it happen? Are there certain topics frowned upon?

Hello, @SunshineAndAloha Thank you for your question. There are a few reasons why a thread might be closed. If the thread has been marked as solved and the question has been answered. If the topic has been discussed at length and the feedback becomes repetitive or goes off-topic. If it’s a really old post and the information is no longer relevant or if the post has been merged into an existing thread, you can comment on the thread it has been merged into. These are a few examples. You should still be able to like comments on these threads. Sometimes there is a reason why the thread is closed and there should be a message at the bottom.
For example, we could close this thread now as it is a question that has been answered.
Best wishes Carla.

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