What petting a dog can do for your brain | CNN


Oh thanks @Ledadane for sharing this! Even just thinking about petting a dog or a cat puts me in a better mood. Thanks for making my morning!

Thank you for sharing this @Ledadane.

Today I attended a course with one of our charity partners, the most inspirational session was on their Therapy Pet Support Program, one story was particularly moving and told of a therapy cat who won an award for his “service” he used to visit hospice patients and on one visit he lay next to a patient who had not moved or responded in anyway, to anyone or anything for over three weeks, the cat lay still and then crawled along the side of the gentleman and put his head underneath the man’s hand, in a few seconds the patient started to slowly caress the cat’s head … and did for almost 10 minutes.

Unconditional love.

Thank you again.