What song is stuck in your head right now?

@Samox24 , when I drove cross country in my 30s, I played this album. I love it:


Fabulous… thank you @mars :blush:

Fleetwood Mac is one of those timeless and classic bands at the same time. I love their stuff.

Maybe a bit too contemporary for some but I woke up with this own stuff in my head…


Copa Cabana has been my ear worm for going on 30 years now. Sigh.

@MaggieUU No! Lol

You get rid of it earworm by singing. I’m a little teapot as you act out the movement

This works because you’re associating a sound trigger with body movements and it reprograms your brain.

You might want to go somewhere private for your performance though!

:warning: warning :warning: turn down the volume if you’re in public. And maybe don’t play it if you don’t already have an earworm :crazy_face:

My personal malfunction is that phrases of a certain syllable pattern will trigger a song that matches…
There is always one on the back burner, no pun intended:

One time my husband said stir fry was like a “hot beef salad” which I followed with " black bean sauce and rice"

:notes::musical_note:It’s a hot beef salad, black bean sauce and rice :notes::musical_note: sung to the pattern of 'jukebox hero with stars in his eyes."

So that’s in my head every time I make a stir fry whether or not I’m using black bean sauce.

I’ve got thousands of these.

Nicklebacks ‘If Today Was Your Last Day’ . Favorite words ‘Everyday is a Gift Not a Given Right’ :pray:

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Omg my dog was tilting his head to this, it was hilarious. :rofl:


Do dogs get earworms?! The music kind haha

Tidal Wave by Knickleback

Into the Mystic by Van Morrison

Miss You - The Rolling Stones :musical_note: