What song is stuck in your head right now?

I was a little kid when I first heard this song, but I remember watching my sister and my cousin from LA visiting us in Guatemala and grooving to it. My cousin is no longer with us, so it’s a fond memory I have of her whenever I hear this song, but it’s stuck in my head for days, and I don’t mind it, really.

“Silly Love Songs” by Wings (Paul McCartney’s band)

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Usually the last song I’ve heard :joy::rofl:

Unstoppable by Lianne La Havas - my life motto! Down on the Bowery by Damian Lewis (of all people). Super talented & just started singing. Check them out @wendy_chicago :raised_hands:t3::two_hearts:

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@Cuttlefish Love Lianne La Havas’ , I love “Green & Gold” that whole album (Blood) is so good.

I’ll check out Damien Lewis! :ok_hand:t2:

Also, the girl trio Boygenius is really good, I woke up with their song “Cool about it” last week and had to play it on repeat the whole morning :rofl:

Thanks! Shall report back findings later :wink: @wendy_chicago

Three Coins in The Fountain

Last month I was in Italy vacationing with family. My uncle was singing this. While in Rome I went to Trevi Fountain. When I came home I watched the movie. It’s still stuck.


King of the road. Five months into an seven month road trip!

BTW, that song stuck in your head is called an ear worm. Eww! Google it and you will find some really interesting info, including how to get rid of one. No insecticide required!

I had an ear worm the other day and now can’t remember what it was, and don’t want to. It was really annoying for a few hours!


You can thank me later :wink:

@Cuttlefish yes Damian Lewis is very talented, he visited my friends restaurant in Antigua and is such a lovely person :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bloody Hamilton (the musical ) grrrrr🤣

Not sure where you are in the world at the moment @Samox24 but he’s doing some tiny gigs in the UK in Oct & Nov. Sadly I’m visiting Blighty a week too late to go to any of them but they’ll be super intimate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Colin please explain. Is that Aha aka 80s Norwegian pop stars or a typo or you stood by a singing AGA or the start of Agadoo or something else…all options have flashed through my :brain::joy::joy:

@Cuttlefish :rofl:

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Yay!! One of my guesses was correct :partying_face::partying_face: Now that is an ear worm and a half of a song :joy: @Colin

Thanks for that @Colin!
At least it will take my mind off the jingle ‘Just sold my car to we buy any car’ :weary:

Come softly Darling by the Fleetwoods. Yah, I’m old…

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"You do the shake ‘n’ vac… "

Sorry - probably one for the UK members only!

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I read the headline,
Cotton Eye Joe’ disrupts intense tennis point at Canadian Open a few days ago. The players were very unhappy about the distraction. I haven’t been able to stop singing it. They say it’s a song about STDs!


We listen to the radio station America’s Greatest 70’s Hits wherever we go and this morning they played one of my favourite John Denver songs, Take Me Home, Country Roads so I have this song stuck in my head now! :notes::sweat_smile: