What to do about a sitter with a guest staying over longer than expected!

Hello and thank you for your advice and thorough response.


Some hosts mention in listings that they’re not OK with guests or that guests need approval. That might be something you’d want to consider.

To me, you should automatically never invite guests to anyone else’s house without asking, whether you’re a sitter or any other type of guest. That’s just basic manners.

Of my 11 sits so far, three have mentioned in their welcome guides that it was fine to invite other guests, though I didn’t. During my current sit, a friend happened to be in the region and her departing flight was delayed by 737 MAX 9 problems. I asked my hosts whether she could come for lunch. They graciously agreed and she got to love on the pets, too.

BTW, my hosts also have manners — their year-old pup has been having separation anxiety and they asked whether it would be OK for their grown daughter to visit and look for disposable clothing with their scent, which we could use to comfort the pup. I said sure. The pup was overjoyed to see her and new toys she brought.

To me, it’s ideal when communication and respect go both ways. When I screen hosts, I look for signs of such, because hiccups or issues can easily come up during sits. With reasonable people, working through things is straightforward.


I’ve just had a sitter who asked if her son could pop over for dinner sometime, which we agreed was fine. Only to see on our cameras that others came and visited at different times and she had a friend/sister overnight!!! (Yes, the sitter knew our cameras at the front were active - it’s detailed in our welcome guides)

@EJPullen66 how did you handle the other visitors with that particular sitter?

I didn’t take it up with them at the time, but did mention it directly to them when they questioned my review. I’ve had no comment or apology in return

We heard from the neighbour after the sit. But I did take it up with the HS and they failed to respond or apologise :woman_shrugging:t3:

The hosts of one of my upcoming sits volunteered during our phone chat that I can invite a friend to stay during my sit. They live in a resort-like community with pools, pickleball and lots of other amenities.

I don’t plan to invite anyone, but even if I did, I wouldn’t take the host’s offer as carte blanche — I’d still discuss it with them. To me, that’s basic manners as a sitter or guest of any sort.