What's On Your 2021 Sitter's Wish List?

It’s so exciting to be gradually getting back to our Pets, People & Places unique and authentic pet lovers lifestyle.

For many sits are happening already, for others they are just around the corner and for some the situation is not really clear yet, but no matter where you find yourself, looking ahead to when safe travel returns for owners and sitters, what’s on your “can’t wait” wish list?

Is it re-connecting with known owner friends, exploring new horizons or firmly staying local?

Share you thoughts and sits too …

Can’t wait for the sea breeze .

2 minutes away from our home .
Plus we live in the countryside.
Getting out for a long walk on a nice spring day .
Spending time in the garden.
Today we got some sun on our faces.


I can’t wait to get my shorts on and walk along the beach, preferably in Thailand or Bali.
Unfortunately, it looks like Scotland may be as far as I get this year, the headline below was a bit of a downer yesterday.


I am so looking forward to sitting on someone’s sofa cuddling their dog or cat. We are not full time sitters and are currently restricted to the UK. We had a short sit last autumn which we thoroughly enjoyed and now we are keeping our fingers crossed for this summer. We have 2 sits arranged and 1 application in so fingers crossed for those. I seem to have my fingers permanently crossed these days!


Och I know what you mean. I would just like to step outside the city see another place even if its Scottish :slight_smile:


Going to the hairdressers bliss :grinning:

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