What's the point of the heart symbol?

Just wondering what is the point of the heart symbol labelled ‘save’. I have used this on several HO’s, but when they post a request I don’t get any kind of alert.

Hi PeterMac’
Thanks for answering my question. I don’t use the app on my phone so this function is not much use really!
I have another question regarding whether HO’s can see if I have viewed their request post - just curious…

Thanks for your help @anon36831737 and @Dee welcome to our community forum I’m going to tag @Therese-Moderator who can help you with your website functionality questions, she will be back online Monday.

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Hi @Dee @anon36831737 … As Peter mentions there are a few differences between the website and the App. The favourites (heart symbol) do come up differently. On the Website, the favourites are saved in your inbox, and unfortunately, you don’t get an email on them relisting dates. On the App, the favourites show as full listings, so not in your inbox, and you would get a phone notification if any relist new dates.
If you do not use the App, I would suggest that you save a search for those areas of your favourites so that you will get an email if any of them relist with new dates.
On the inbox messaging, a homeowner can see immediately if you have read his message. (shows read or unread). If you simply go into their listing without a message, they will not be able to see how many times you have viewed their listing.
I hope that gives a little more clarity but let me know if you have any further questions.
Kind regards Therese


Thanks for the info Therese, that’s really helpful…

I guess I’m missing something. If I find a sit that looks interesting on the web site, I click the heart icon and it indicates “saved”. But it doesn’t show up in my inbox. When I click on my username and then “favourites” the page that shows up is the same as the “Inbox” page., the only sits that show up are ones that I have had a conversation with. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for your help.

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Hi @neilalan @snowbird (thank you)
When you save a listing as a favourite, on the website, it will show under your favourites.
(It does look very much like a duplication of the inbox, but it is different, I promise!)
Unfortunately, new saves, don’t save immediately to the top. Do scroll right through all your favourites and it will be there. In favourites, if there is a date on the right side of each block, this would mean you have emailed the homeowner at some point. If there is no date, you have saved them as a favourite, but not yet emailed them. (We are aware that the loading of the favourites can sometimes be slow - tech are aware of this).
If you have the App, the favourites do come up in a better form as they are separate from the inbox messages. Therefore they come up immediately as a full listing.I hope this helps. Kind regards Therese