SAVE (Heart)

I am confused as to the use of the heart ‘save’ icon.

I have always thought that clicking on the save heart icon only lets the home host know that you particularly like their listing and has no other use, it does not mean that we are notified when new dates appear.

Then came the new box to click - ‘save this listing to be notified when new dates are added’ - This morning, I clicked on that for the first time and when I did a heart saved appeared, exactly the same as the save heart that we click to show we like a listing -

I thought I may aswell click on a few others that I would like to be notified of when new dates appear but that box does not seem to appear on all listings.

By clicking on the new box do I get notified of new dates via my laptop or only on the App, is the original heart save anything to do with the new save heart to let us know about new dates and why is the new ‘notify me of new dates’ box not appearing on all listings?

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@colin I am not completely sure but I will tag @Therese-Moderator to hopefully advise when she is back online tomorrow.

I haven’t been notified of new listings for months. One of the moderators set up something to get notices for France, but that happened once and then that was it.

Hi @Colin,

Can you also include screen shots of this for @Therese-Moderator when she’s back on line so our team can best assist you. Thank you

Hi @Colin
Just to confirm, if you save (heart) any listing, you will be notified on your phone when the pet parent/owner next lists dates. All these listings will show the red heart on your side.
You can save/favour (heart) any listing either on the website or the App, but they will only come through as notifications on your phone, so it is important that all your push notifications are correctly set up on your phone.

When you ‘heart’ a listing, the pet parent/owner is notified, and as long as they open up that notification immediately, they will know who saved their listing. If they go to their list later, they will see the list of ‘hearted’ sitters but in no particular order. Tech is aware that it is not chronological.

I hope this helps explain a little better and let me know if you have any questions.

@MissChef We will email directly from membership services so we can work through your specific problem, and find a solution.

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@Therese-Moderator -
That is what I thought…so what about the new box that now says ‘notify me of new dates’? - is that just a repeat of the heart save? if so , why are both the original heart and the box both on some listings and why is the new box not on all listings?

Hello, @Colin Therese is currently offline, but I will need to double-check with the team to clarify the answer for you. I mainly use the App and just click the heart favourite to get a push notification. I just went to my webpage and clicked ‘notify me of dates’ on a listing and it automatically made the heart pink as well. I then tried it visa versa and clicked the heart and it made the ‘notify me’ pink as well. Maybe it is a repeat feature for those that do not normally favourite a listing? But I will clarify that and please feel free to DM any listings that do not have live dates and do not have the ‘notify me’ box either. Then either I or @Therese-Moderator will get back to you. Thank you

Hi @Carla-Moderator - I think I understand it now - it seems that the ‘notify me’ box appears when there are no live dates but is not on a listing that does have live dates.

I can not understand the need for the new box when it is just a duplicate of the original ‘heart save’.

I can see that the new box is more self-explanatory and the better choice of the two options so surely it would be better to get rid of the heart and only have the box.

The new box is a welcome addition but has now made the heart unnecessary

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@Colin Yes, you are correct the ‘notify me’ is only on listings with no live dates. It is likely that they left the heart function on as well so members could favourite listings with dates. (As the notify me is not an option on these). However, it is great to have feedback on the functionality and I will pass your post on to the product team.

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