What's your Hugge?

What’s your Hygge?

Hygge pronounced HEW-GUH, is a Danish word for a quality of cosiness that comes from doing simple things such as lighting a candle, baking or spending time with your loved ones (that includes pets!)

There are some great books on Hygge and I like to always think of it and incorporate it into my sits, especially during the winter months in colder climates, but it’s applicable anywhere at any time.

Hygge for me is being snuggled up contently with the pets. A nice crackling fire in the background, accompanying the pet’s snores. A blanket for warmth and texture and lastly a good book. Oh, and maybe I should not forget a good old cup of tea.

Hygge has also been laying on a beach in Bali listening to the waves, whilst the doggio slept under the sun lounger.

I like the slowness, intention and gentleness of it all.

Ready to bring a little Hygge into your life? Please share your Hygge.


My daughter is studying this semester in Copenhagen, and I am traveling there at the end of March to visit! (I just confirmed the most wonderful sitters so it’s all falling into place, yah!) Hygge is alive and well in my home, and here is my little corner celebrating Denmark and all things Hygge! It’s all about mental health during these long, dark, cold winter nights! :heart::denmark:


My hygge is feeling hot water on my skin, whether it be a luxurious soak in a hot tub or a simple hot shower. There’s nothing quite like hot water to relax my body and soothe my soul. It similar to the feeling one gets when they lay on a beach, only I can control the temperature of the heat to get it just right.


@minnesotagirl I love this so much! And congratulations on confirming some great sitters.
Copenhagen is on my list to visit :denmark:


@Karen-Moderator I love this as well. Water is so relaxing for me and I couldn’t agree more about a nice long soak in the tub :bath:


I love saunas. I’m hoping to sit in a house that has one some day,


@Carla-Moderator This is a great topic! :slightly_smiling_face:

One of my favourite Hygge’s is sitting in a cosy warm cafe with hot drink and cake when it’s really cold outside, like this photo as shown above where we were enjoying hot drinks and cake in Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Sweden :sweden:

Another Hygge I enjoy is enjoying a hot tub outside in the snow and then coming out of the hot tub to a beautifully prepared meal!
These photos are from our trip to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland when we stayed at the Arctic Gourmet Cabin. We had a private chef cook our dinner for us which he prepared on the burning embers and we sat and ate whilst gazing up at the Northern Lights. Truly magical :dizzy:

Last but not least and I have to agree with @mars on this, I absolutely love saunas! This is a photo of a sauna we had whilst staying in a house in Lysvik in Sweden. The sauna was situated in its own wood well away from the property and down by the lake so a truly relaxing experience! :blush:


Gorgeous pictures, as always, @Samox24 . I also love eating spicy Chinese food in the dead of winter when it’s really cold outside – this has the nostalgia factor. I remember eating a a great Sichuan meal at Ho Sai Gai in Philadelphia in the winter sometime in the 1970s.

Here’s a lovely article on this subject: Want to feel happier? Try snacking on joy.


Aww thank you @mars and what an interesting article, thank you so much for sharing. :slightly_smiling_face:

We love spicy Chinese food too, I thought I would share these Chinese foodie pics we took whilst in Oslo, Norway. It was freezing cold outside but the food more than made up for that and definitely a great feeling of Hygge!

I took these photos whilst dining in Ling Ling Hakkasan, in Oslo. The Dim Sum not only looks amazing but it is so delicious too! Chef Meng and his team deliver a menu based on Hakkasan’s signature dishes in combination with the finest Norwegian specialties.

@mars If you ever find yourself in Oslo, you must go in here, you will love it! :norway::blush:


Wow @Samox24. When I die and go to heaven I want to live like you live now!

@Samox24 and @mars: I also love spicy Chinese food! Do you like Sichuan Boiled Fish?

That is probably my favorite dish ever, depending how it’s made. And it’s even better the next day! I can pour it on rice—or perhaps oatmeal—and it’s … spark joy! :zap:


@geoff.hom I have never tried this dish but it looks delicious so I am certainly going to give it a try… thank you! :smiley: