When a sit agreement gets modified

When I was reading a post earlier today, not sure from which year it was posted…

The sitter was told that an additional 3rd party was going to be at the house during their stay when 2 had been agreed upon.

Would it have been within the code of conduct of THS for that sitter to cancel the agreement because the nature of the sit changed?

And in general if the nature of the change is significant and not agreeable to the sitter can the sitter cancel and be within the code of conduct?

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Hello, @HelloOutThere There was a post talking about third parties such as builders being present recently:

Whilst it is not the exact same as your question there is lots of similar content on this thread.

If this happens then the sitter would be best to reach out to Membership Services and is under no obligation to agree with the owner to have a third party present. I know that this is sometimes easier than said.

Here is the link to the third-party help desk info:

Best wishes Carla

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It was a post about students being in the home and the sitter acting as a “babysitter” so-to-speak.

From your reply, am I understanding that the Sitter would technically “not” be able to decline the sit in real time when the change in circumstances was presented?

That is against the THS code of conduct. If the HO cannot assure there will be no third parties present in the home, it is certainly a valid reason for a sitter to cancel. This should have been discussed in the preliminary interview. If the HO was not aware of the policy, the sitter could have informed them at that time.


The sitter agreed to 2 students then the HO presented a 3rd after the offical confirm.

As a new sitter/homeowner just trying to understand that if there is a significant change to the sit after an agreement, really by either party, that canceling the sit is not out of the code of conduct.

Hi @HelloOutThere yes you are correct. This is also why we have membership services available 24/7 for our members for these types of situations. I’ve never had to use membership services for any of our dozen or so sits and I hope I never have to. The easiest way to make sure that your sits as either a HO or a sitter go smoothly is 1) Clear communication 2) Transparency…3) Follow your gut. What does that mean? If during the application or interviewing process something seems “off” don’t dismiss that feeling.

I’m now going to close this thread as I believe your questions have been answered and there’s several other threads on the forum that discuss the third party policy.

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