When Everything Clicks at a Sit

One of the things I enjoy about home and pet sitting is meeting people. Today I arrived at my New sit and spend the entire day chatting in the kitchen with a woman who feels like she’s been my friend my whole life. We are decades apart in age yet we both expressed how nice it was to meet and share this time together. She said she knew we would click when we had our live interview. We talked about so many things in total ease.
Sometimes it feels like I am just meeting family I haven’t seen in years.
It’s kind of wonderful.


We must agree, these moments are amazing! We’ve made friends house sitting that are like family to us :slight_smile:


My first two sits, many years ago, were nerve racking as it was all new to me. Little did I know that we would become friends with both of them, visiting when we can, sharing experiences and just being there when life’s little ups and downs happen.
Love this life.


Something like this is so wonderful to hear! I am looking forward to our first sitter with THS doing her sit in September and I am already thinking permanently about what I can do to make her stay as comfortable as possible, giving her enough information about everything without writing a novel and what I can leave her as a small thank you gift. We’ve already done a video chat for 1hr 30min and talking to each other was really easygoing. I hope we can continue this when we take her out for dinner the evening before we leave.


I do too so very much @ElsieDownie. Sometimes I feel silly but I think it is so special to meet people who inspire you and can validate that there really is goodness in the world.
Enjoy your travels!

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So wonderful to hear. Sounds like you are already setting the tone for some wonderful experiences. Enjoy @anon39388349