When should I start panicking that I haven't found a sitter yet?

Thanks @AllyMac , that’s really useful. I’m happy to confirm that Tolleys Farm is neither a building site nor a working farm! I will definitely tweak the title, which I originally had as something to do with being near Chard. Funnily enough, I thought that was what was putting people off as Chard isn’t the nicest of places!
I will add some internal photos so that people know our home is very comfortable, with no renovations in sight, and will clarify that no farm work is required!
Many thanks for your advice which is much appreciated.

Excellent advice @Colin , many thanks for this. To be honest, it hadn’t even occurred to us to include some internal photos, so I will definitely be putting this right!

Many thanks :grinning:


Thanks @southernsitter, this is some really useful advice. I don’t know why, but when we made our profile it didn’t even occur to us to put some internal photos up! Now that you say it, it makes total sense, so I will get on to that.
The public transport / use of our car is an interesting one too. There definitely isn’t public transport here, so we assumed that sitters would have their own car. We are going to look into what insurance issues there might be with sitters using our car and I’ll update our profile accordingly.
Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent suggestions! Many thanks, I will definitely say a bit more about Poppy and the chickens. We’ve only had them a few weeks, so we’re still getting used to them ourselves! I can understand that sitters will want to know how much work they are committing themselves to though, so will make sure that’s clear. Thanks for your helpful advice :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for this @Petermac , I really hadn’t thought about this, but it makes a lot of sense. There are still so many unknowns out there that I can totally understand why people don’t want to book things too far in advance. By the sound of it your house owners were incredibly lucky to have you!


Hi @Tolleys
I have the same problem, my advert went live on 15th April and we need sitters for June too, I think I’ve attached it to my profile and hopefully it can be viewed. Any advice would be gratefully received. :sweat_smile:

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Shhh, @Tolleys!! Anyway, surely everyone knows that Chard is the home of powered flight :wink: You could mention that you’re in between two areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) - the Blackdown Hills and Dorset. You’ve got Forde Abbey and Barrington Court nearby, it’s not far to the Jurassic Coast (30 mins to Lyme Regis??), there’s Ferne Animal Sanctuary. It’s a wonderful area!

And mention if Poppy’s up for days out - does she travel well in the car, like the beach, etc.

Hi @Sally1959 - you’ve attached the preview of your listing [which we cant open].

Instructions here: How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

Basically, you need to “find yourself” as though you were a sitter looking for a sit and add that link.

Hi @Ketch thank you for that, I’ll try and sort it

Hi again @Ketch. Hopefully it should work now :blush:

It works! I just clicked the link.
A suggestion: put either a picture of your dog as the first one or a nice one of the living area. Many sitters will scroll by when a picture of landscape is the listing picture.
How about that? I took three screenshots from your listing and made these collages similar to mine.
Feel free to use one of them if you like! Or let me know if you would like any other pictures. It’s quickly done and with a profile picture like this you will definitely stand out.


Haha!! Thanks @Ketch for giving me a chuckle! And also for more valuable suggestions for how to improve our profile. I do believe that we live in a beautiful place, and one day I really must visit the Chard Museum, I’ve heard it’s very good!

Thank you for that, a great suggestion, and thank you for the offer of using one of your collages, I may well use one, if i can’t work out to do it😂

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Do you use a computer or a tablet? I use an iPad and when I tap on a picture and hold my finger on it for a second longer, a menu pops up and I can save it to my files or photos. It should also work by clicking the right mouse button with a windows computer, but I am not familiar with this, because I know only Apple devices.

This is what it looks like (in German) when I tap and hold.

Hi, I use an apple ipad too, I’ll have a go at that today, so watch this space. Thank you :relaxed:

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I haven’t checked if the size would work for the collage to fit exactly. Just let me know if it doesn’t. It’s really easy to make it fit and I can do it with a few clicks.

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Wow, what a beautiful place! If I were retired and you had some interior pics, I would apply immediately! Darling pup, too. :slight_smile:

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Hi @anon39388349, I’ve had another look and added some more pictures, any comments or advice from anyone regarding our advert, so that we can attract a sitter please let me know😊


Your listing looks great! I also like the collage. The pictures of the dogs are much better than the previous ones I used.

One really minor thing I would suggest, is to divide the text into blocks to make it easier to read. One big block can be quite overwhelming :wink:

Otherwise to me it looks perfect (but I am not a sitter) and I cross fingers that many sitters will apply.

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FYI, I just found a sitter for my Aug '22 and June '22 sits. Aug was a replacement sit as the original TH sitter canceled and June was a fresh sit.

I had to be very tenacious. I reposted the sit and only had about 4 applicants. However, none were what I preferred as they were all couples and my profile specifically said “Only solo sitters”. Only 2 of those applications were qualified.

First, I went to the sitters who saved my listing and messaged them. Using the search feature, I also messaged sitters who not only were in my local area, but in surrounding states. No lie, about 70-80 invites later, I found a sitter who was right here in NYC. I’m super grateful, happy, and lucky that the sitter I found agreed to do both sits!

Most of the sitters that I messaged. I was very grateful to the ones that did. The majority of those that did respond said that they had other plans, but that I should keep them in mind for future sits. I have saved them to my list of favorite sitters. Some sitters said that June and Aug was too far ahead for them to plan. I understand though as it’s summer travel and Covid is still here. Travel is very fluid nowadays.

So all in all, don’t give up! Stay with it and keep hope alive lol!