When to list dates, I need a sitter In Sussex By The Sea, England?

Hi - I’ve just joined THS and have listed several sets of dates but wasn’t sure if it’s better to list one at a time?
Thanks in advance for any advice from you experienced home owners👍

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Hi @Jo27 welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, I’ve moved your question into owner and sitter exchange because it’s also good to get feedback from sitters.

Many owners list multiple dates and successfully fill them all, sometimes with sitters who choose to return when the sit works for everyone involved. You are in a great location, the length of the sits are good and most of all Max is adorable … you will
get feedback from other members and if you have any other questions please ask.

Hi @Jo27. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters.

What a great question. I’m a sitter, and I love seeing postings with multiple dates. That tells me two things about the homeowner(s): they like to travel a fair bit, and they plan ahead, both of which are good things.

Some homeowners and sitters like to make plans a few weeks out; others like to plan many months in advance. By including multiple trips in a single posting you not only make the process of finding pet sitters more efficient for you, you increase the possibility of catching the eyes of pet sitters with different planning timelines.

Enjoy your upcoming trips!

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Hi @Jo27, welcome to our wonderful & very helpful forum. As a sitter I’m very much a planner so love to see multiple future sit dates, so please keep those dates coming! My husband and I are Australians who will be sitting full time in the UK from early Dec 2022 to end of March 2023 so there is much planning involved (and a spreadsheet!) so coming across a like minded HO is very appealing and encourages us to apply for those sits. Enjoy your travels. Regards, Jenny

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Hi - I’m Jo and am hoping to find sitters to look after Max my 11 yr old Cavapoo for short breaks and occasional longer holidays. I’m a little nervous about the whole process if I’m honest but nothing ventured…… If anyone fancies a few days by the sea in a cosy character cottage please checkout my dates x

Hi @Jo27 and welcome to the forum. Our members will be happy to help, but we’ll need more details for sure. :wink:

It’s best to add a link in your forum username to your listing. I’ll add information on how to do this next:

Adding a link to your listing in your forum username

If for some reason you’d rather not do that, please give a complete location as shown in your listing (city/country) and the date range.

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Thanks Francine - I think I may have to do this tomorrow as it’s almost 1.00 am here and my brain isn’t up to IT challenges right now :joy:

Hi @Jo27 as a fellow Sussex resident I can definitely vouch for it’s beauty, especially the coastal locations such as yours. I must say though, as fab as the seaside is, your gorgeous dog Max is definitely the selling point of your listing, such a handsome boy!

As @Snowbird has kindly advised, if you pop your listing link into your forum profile then our wonderful sitter members here on the forum will be able to view your listing directly.

Do let us know how you get on and if you ever need any support then you are in the right place.

All the best


Thanks for your message Lucy, I think I’ve added my link :crossed_fingers:t3: though am struggling a bit navigating between the main site and the forum.
Practice makes perfect I hope!
Great news as I’ve already found a sitter for my first set of dates, we’re both new to THS so we’ll be learning together!
If you have any other suggestions that might be helpful, feel free…… All the best Jo x


Hi @Jo27. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to the Forum. You’ll find this is a very supportive community of pet- and travel-lovers who know that by working together, we all win. I’m so glad you’ve found a sitter for your first dates.

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@Jo27 I am absolutely delighted to log in this morning and see you say you have already found your first sitter. Brilliant news!