When to start worrying about no one applying to housesit?

Hi @Sarah71 I know reaching out and getting little response can be disappointing and frustrating.

You can add your listing link to your forum profile that way other members can view and often have good tips and advice for helping create more interest around your listing How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

I did take a look at your listing and would suggest adding some internal pictures of the areas sitter will be using and relaxing in, they do like to see where they will be staying.

Your description in “About our home” of the rooms etc is great, a couple of pics to support would be perfect, some look at pictures and read afterwards.

You still have time, although I know how much having you pet care in place matters …

We have owners who come to the forum and within a couple of days announce “We have our sitters” … we hope that will be your message too.

Angela and the Team