When to start worrying about no one applying to housesit?

I’m in the same boat as well. Haven’t had any applicants. Have invited probably close to 100 sitters using the search for sitters nearby and so far had declines for all except 9 still waiting to hear back from. We’re going away in 6 weeks and am wondering whether it’s because it’s part way through Easter that is causing the issue. But we can’t change our dates so am starting to panic

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Thank you @Willexcell - will definitely amend our listing to make sure its all covered.

Hi @Snowbird Thats a great idea - thanks so much. Will start taking more photos of Rafa and Ruby and see how we get on. Fingers crossed!


Hi @Mgilm87408 I’ve added your listing link to your forum profile …

Hi @Sarah71 I know reaching out and getting little response can be disappointing and frustrating.

You can add your listing link to your forum profile that way other members can view and often have good tips and advice for helping create more interest around your listing How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

I did take a look at your listing and would suggest adding some internal pictures of the areas sitter will be using and relaxing in, they do like to see where they will be staying.

Your description in “About our home” of the rooms etc is great, a couple of pics to support would be perfect, some look at pictures and read afterwards.

You still have time, although I know how much having you pet care in place matters …

We have owners who come to the forum and within a couple of days announce “We have our sitters” … we hope that will be your message too.

Angela and the Team

Did you find a sitter in the end? I’m getting concerned as I have had no applicants for my June sit and usually I get loads. I’m just worried that THS is no longer viable. I’ve messaged several sitters who’s date are showing as free but they all say they are busy. Hope you have had better luck. Ann xx

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Hello @CambridgeAnnie. As you’ll read on the forum, many sitters are not booking as far ahead as before the pandemic. That may be one of the reasons, given your sit is for June.

You may want to consider inviting sitters from your local area who are relatively new to THS. Many sitters who are new to THS are not new to house sitting itself, or new to caring for cats. If you go this route, I’d suggest you not focus on calendar availability, as some sitters choose not to use the calendar on the site. However, those with black lines across your dates will be unavailable as it means they are already booked for a THS sit.

If you have a Standard or Premium membership, you can boost your listing once, which will move it to the front of the listings again.