Where Are Your Top 3 Destinations For A Road Trip?

@ElsieDownie Wow, my husband and I have been talking about doing an East to West coast road trip and this list just inspired me greatly! I can not wait to hear all about your travels.


Last year we traveled from Florida to Newfoundland. Went as far north as we could until the road ran out. From there it would be boat or plane. We had a fabulous time and the people and animals we sat for were a great bunch in every single sit. I cannot begin to describe what we saw. It was the trip of a lifetime and all inspired by THS


@ElsieDownie That is off the beaten track as they say. I am so glad to hear that you are having all of these great adventures via THS. Thank you for inspiring me to do the same and get that road trip planned! :smiling_face:


Wow @ElsieDownie now that is what I call a real roadtrip. If you have not seen these amazing iconic locations, you are going to be in for a real adventure. Many of those I have not even seen and I live in the US!

I am in Taos until 10 May, and I suggest, if you make it to Taos:
by the Taos Plaza: Manzanita Cafe,

2 miles from The Plaza on Paseo Del Pueblo: Farmhouse Cafe,

Sol Food Cafe in Arroyo Seco,
8 miles away from Taos,
down the cobblestone path from the Plaza in Taos:
My lifesaving treats place:
CHOKOLÁ - artisanal, they won 2nd place in the whole world for their simple, organic, fair-trade chocolate bar, so delicious, and only 2 ingredients, usually, Cacao, and organic sugar.

These are the best places for a delicious, organic, local-farm-foods meal, hot frothy cuppas, homemade ice cream at the first 2 and also at Chokolá, and hot sipping chocolate in many flavors.

I just took a 9-week, completely unplanned, spontaneous road Trip through 26 USA states in 9 weeks last May/June, from Taos to Montecito, California, then, all the way to New York City and back to Taos, NM.

I did a lot of family tree research in libraries, and had picnics at my great grandmother’s grave in Hamburg, Arkansas, and found living cousins, all new to me! My two favorite farms in Virginia and Georgia, Polyface Farms and White Oak Pastures, respectively, had THE best food in their General Stores. Regenerative meats, and more!

So much fun. Enjoy!

Aloha, Claire + Lady Tarkina Snowfire. my doggo.


Hi @ElsieDownie. What a trip you have planned! It will be a great last, long adventure. You’re hitting some of the best spots, including little Thermopolis. We went there on our way to Lander as we meandered around from Minneapolis to Glacier in 2021.

When will you be in New Orleans? We’ll be there April 16-May 8. I’d love to meetup if you’ll be in the area then.


@ElsieDownie If you can I would add on Bryce Canyon which is fairly close to Zion National Park where you already have planned on your itinerary.
It’s really beautiful, we highly recommend a visit there. :slightly_smiling_face:

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At the end of March. Not to be this time but who knows

That is there already. It looks stunning.

@ElsieDownie It really is!! :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

@ElsieDownie, so close, yet so far. Maybe another time.

Just been to our first canyon on our 8 month road trip roundThe Rockies. And it was wow!
Diamond Creek Canyon. Travelled 20 miles on a dirt road, descended 3500 feet. Saw the mighty Colorado River for the first time and was awe struck. Here’s to many more over the next few weeks and months. Dora the Explorer (our car) was a champ. She did everything we asked. Not bad for a 17 year old.


@ElsieDownie stunning photos! :slightly_smiling_face:

@ElsieDownie an eight month road trip from these images and your description of this “stop” our community has a great trip to look forward to … :wink:

Your trip has the prospects of being a hard “Best Place?” decision, more like a Top 10 or more!!

Thank you for sharing your first canyon stop.

Safe and happy travels


Thank you. It has been a years planning to get us here. Key West to Prudoe Bay is 5500 miles as the bird flys but of course we have lots of stops, starts and curves. Lots of will we, won’t we moments in the planning but now we are a month in and happy we did it.
We have some great pet sits on the way. Wonderful active dogs and a lap cat that loved human contact. Already visited New Orleans, New Mexico and Prescott. Drove through Louisiana and Texas and went to The Alamoa. Who would have known Louisiana has rice fields?
The diverse scenery is just breath taking. We can be in dry cactus country one day and a couple of hours later in lush tree covered forest.
The bucket list has already got lots of ticks in the past month and more to follow. Hoover Dam today and a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon on Tuesday. . No pets for the next ten days, purely sightseeing.
The generosity of our home owners has “blown us away” (I’m getting into the lingo as well). When they hear what we are doing, we have been offered nights in second homes, (log cabin in Moab is one generous offer),extra nights staying with them before and after looking after their pets. Suggesting local things we may not know about and one is leaving their season tickets for the baseball so we can experience a high level game. Must read up on the rules! Our last sit … maybe…… is already booked in San Diego in October and we fly back home in November for a wee rest then it’s New Zealand here we come.
The road trip is our concept but it’s the people we meet and the community as a whole that is making it one of the best experiences we have ever had. Long live Trusted House Sitters.


@ElsieDownie You will love the helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon… it is just WOW!! … enjoy! :helicopter::slightly_smiling_face:


This is so worth a repost, thank you @ElsieDownie:clap: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: