Oregon Coast and the PNW

It seems Portland oregon has recently topped the list at #3 for most popular ciry sits. Without a doubt this is a great choice. The entire Pacific Northwest is teeming with iconic sites, from amazing coastline to numerous National parks it’s becoming a prime destination travel spot for many. It’s a short flight from San Francisco and a 4 hour train ride form Seattle so it’s truly a prime location. I’ll share a few images from last fall on the oregon coast after I finished a repeat sit. Cannon Beach with the iconic Haystack rock has been called "the carmel of the Oregon Coast " and it’s smaller quaint neighborhood just a few minutes south of Manzanita Beach is also a charming spot.


We did a lot of camping down the Oregon Coast when our children were young - I’m going back over 30 years. Absolutely loved it there. We camped in Champoeg State Park outside of Portland and then, Nehalem Bay, Beverly Beach and Jessie M. Honeyman down the coast - all wonderful places. Great family memories of the sand dune rides!


@Catgoddess_99 I’m not surprised at all that Portland, Oregon has topped the list it’s a great destination! :heart:

For anyone visiting Portland, remember to check out the Burnside Bridge, from here you can get a photo of the White Stag Sign, Portland’s iconic neon symbol since the 1940’s. During the Christmas period the White Stag acquires a red nose to imitate Rudolph!

The vast wilderness of the Pacific Northwest is a prime road trip destination. The US Route 101 is a stunning cliff hugging coastal drive through Washington and Oregon. :oncoming_automobile:

The Pacific Northwest is also a great destination for foodies which would require a whole new post on its own! :sweat_smile:

Foodies for sure, a whole new thread!

Apparently Seattle has come out on tops for foodie enthusiasts

@Catgoddess_99 another interesting article recently published titled ‘The First Timer’s Guide To Eating & Drinking In Seattle’ I found which you can read here

Seattle has long had great food, even when I lived there a couple of decades ago. I’ve traveled a lot and lived in various cities along the West Coast, into Canada. I’d rate them in this order food wise (subjective, of course):

San Francisco •
Vancouver, B.C.
Seattle •
Portland •

  • Places I’ve lived in. I lived in Orange County in Southern California, but not LA.

Other great cities for food in the U.S.:

New Orleans

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