Where to indicate Flexible housesitting dates, not location?

Where on the site can I state that my dates are flexible, but my location is not?

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Hi @merry welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters … as a sitter you will include your location in your profile, I’ve looked at your profile and it seems that you are only looking for sits in DT SF, one of the many attributes of a successful sitter is flexibility which will increase the number of opportunities as there is a process for applying for sits and popular city locations get more sitter applications.

Owners do reach out to sitters but most sits come through sitters applying directly to the owner, you can set up alerts for your preferred locations

Your profile is where you put all of your information, you have a calendar which shows your availability and you should apply for sits listed in your preferred location as soon as they come to the site …

One piece of advice is to really craft a great profile, it is your showcase where you demonstrate your love for animals and the reason why you want to care for pets and homes, pet parents look for the reasons why sitters want to care for their pets and homes and look for that pet lover who can step into their shoes and keep their beloved pet family members safe and happy at home for as long as they are away.

Welcome again.

Angela & The Team

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Thank you Angela for this important information.
Please LMK how to post on the community forum?
I can get to it, but haven’t found how to type in it yet.
Also, do you have any ‘at first glance’ thoughts as to how I can improve my profile?
I appreciate your time.

Hi Angela,
Thanks for this valuable information.
Since I only want to be close for my pregnant daughter, who live on Russian Hill, I do have a very narrow range, in a very popular city.
Really, a long shot, I know.
Wish me luck!