Where to post our Costa Rica visit?

Hello, we’re experienced sitters and we’ll be in Costa Rica soon and we’re open to sits during this time. Where can I post our travel plans so hosts can find us and reach out?
Thanks all!

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Hi @worldjason You’ve just posted your travel plans so will reach the forum members but unlikely many (or any) of them will be in Costa Rica. The best thing to do would be to favourite any Costa Rica listings that don’t currently need sitters so, if they then post you’ll be contacted. I believe the app is quicker at that than the website. I’ve just checked and there are quite a few not currently needing sitters however some are at the ‘reviewing’ stage so, if you favourite them you’ll be advised should they decline any

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The other thing that you can do is to move the location in your profile to Costa Rica, and to change your “Preferred countries”. It does not help that much I think but it might get you an invitation. You have more reviews than almost everyone there.