Who is Doing the Sit?

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I’ve noticed a good few posts from HOs saying that their sub-standard applicants mention or later announce that they want to bring their partner/kids/pet/granny along with them. What’s this about?
There is provision in the sitter profile to specify whether one sits alone or with a companion (OK, it could be more flexible but that’s another Web design issue). I answered in another topic recently about how “my” profile is 100% manipulated to make it clear that the OH is an equal partner in this enterprise.

What is happening now with these sitters that believe they can bring whichever friend needs a holiday at the time?

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I guess it’s up to the owner. I always ask the owner if I can ask someone in for even a cup of tea. On several occasions the owners have offered for me to have a friend to stay as I sit alone, which has worked out very well and was much appreciated. I don’t assume a friend can stay.


I am a solo sitter so sometimes I ask if I can bring a friend not offended at all if they say no. As I’m in my seventies and my friends are to but very fit I’m probably fitter than my grandchildren .!in bed by 10 and no parties either I can’t see a problem with that.


We state we are a family of Four (16&17yr olds) if we are ever wishing to have someone over for a meal, I always ask in advance, is it okay to have my Aunt & Uncle over for a couple of meals? never to stay over etc, mind I have been offered for them to stay over by the HO which was really sweet.
Sitters need to be upfront in their applications about what their plans are for the Sit, are they going out sightseeing for hours on end every other day, do they want to have visitors over for a meal, or is Granny Holidaying with them and state it on their first application.
I don’t take offence if I get a reject notification from the HO, I’d love it if the HO could at least type in Sorry and reject, I understand they get lots of applications, however if a sitter has taken the time to be upfront and honest about their intentions and this does not sure the HO or they just don’t want guests but are happy for us to sightsee every other day, I work with that, at the end of the day it’s their Home, their Rules and their Pets, some HO want you to be a Home Body or a Work from Home sitter.
Happy sitting

@Smiley, @Genevere & @Manda: I agree with all of you, it wasn’t really what I was getting at. We have had friends to visit at one long sit, with HO approval of course. I was referring to the permanent “extras” where the sitter has a profile and gets selected for a video call or even for the sit and then announces that a boyfriend will be “tagging along” - for the duration!


@Saltrams I agree this is a strange, seemingly recent, development. There is another ongoing thread about this which I also commented on Somewhere in T&Cs it says any extra people for the sit should already be included in the profile (pref with pics & info) as potential fellow sitters, and certainly any such request should be mentioned in the particular application. Its completely not on that these requests come up at the video call stage!! I am an experienced sitter and would never behave like this- there seem to newer sitters with a really false understanding of what house/pet sitting us all about! If I was a host I’d probably feel taken advantage of.

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Those folks seem to be treating sits like Airbnbs.

They’re not grasping the POV of HOs, who probably don’t want random “surprise” people tagging along.

If the Partner is joining them, they need to put in there straight up in the application. My Hubby is on ours, he more often than not doesn’t actually stay, he will come over and have a few Meals depending on how long the sit is and local, it’s only if we are away a long time 4+ weeks or out of area that he joins us or comes and stays a few days.
It doesn’t set a good tone, especially if the HO is getting close to the time away and they just need a sitter set in place so they can get on with Life and not have to worry about it, it would be awful being put on the spot like that when they have basically committed to you as their sitter. It’s easier to just list you on your listing as a Couple and you can put on your profile, (Partner might always be on the sit) the HO can discuss this further if they wish to, however ambushing them on the Video Call/House/Pet tour is not okay.
Happy sitting.