Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

Aren’t cats wonderful? So extremely intelligent.
And clearly magical.


I’ve just wrapped a sit in Stratford-upon-Avon. I’m taking time to travel on my own before returning home for a bit, before heading to my next sit, across the country in the U.S.

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I m in a sit right now back in Mayo quebec with a dog sleeping on my lap. Its really relaxe a little sad that im leaving tomorrow.


Hi @AnnieC that’s a lovely pic and I completely understand, saying goodbye is always the hardest part of a sit for me :cry:

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After an amazing month in Brussels last night, we hot-footed it over to London to start a short five-day sit caring for these two cuties. Ralphie & Daisy’


They look adorable

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@Twitcher They are gorgeous, I wish we were here for longer!


@Colin Such cuties! :dog::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@AnnieC oh how beautiful are they. :heart::heart::heart:

Looking after these beauties in Canberra. Best trained dogs we’ve ever cared for. Very typical for Kelpies. The local park where we walk them is next to The Lodge, the Australian Prime Minister’s residence. We give the Federal Police a wave each morning! And the chooks are cute, 3 perfect brown eggs a day…we love chookies!


What a great sit @Crookie. Love the kelpies and eggs for breakfast daily! Hope the FP wave back!!!

Once a week a friend of the HO’s has been driving up the mountain here in Blackheath Australia (1.5 hours I found out today!) to visit. We chat, have coffee or tea but mostly we go out and about exploring and a bit of shopping.
It’s incredible.
Today we went to a place she had never been and she has lived here her whole life, 73 years, traveled the world alone.
We stayed here a long time, walking, talking and sitting in silence.
Govetts Leap

We had a fabulous lunch at Mountain High Pies in Katoomba. Outstanding!

And the girls were happy when we returned.

Life is good


@Crookie the area around the Lodge and Red Hill is beautiful. I lived and worked in Canberra for many years and still love going back. Used to work in the old Parliament House, nothing like the new one!

Give Albo our regards :joy:

Govetts Leap is amazing scenery @Amparo. All I could think of standing there was how did the early explorers manage to get over the Blue Mountains.


@ziggy it sounds like we share a common background in the APS. Never worked in Canberra but visited for work. Love visiting Head Office! Also love Old Parliament House, such a great time capsule! We visited here a couple of years ago as tourists and did the big ticket things. We drove up to Red Hill when we arrived a couple of days ago, the National Arboretum yesterday, National Museum today for the Antarctica Experience and National Portrait Gallery tomorrow. We will go to Floriade early next week.


I have been enjoying my outings on foot reading all the interesting historical markers. Looks like Mr. Evans was an interesting man.

I expect I will be back.


@Crookie yes, I worked in the Whitlam government era (old timer lol). Some of my greatest memories of my time there. So many people don’t like Canberra but they don’t take the time to look at the interesting stuff as you are doing. How’s Capital Circle hey! I think it was the first roundabout in Australia and STILL a road of confusion for many :joy: Old Parliament House is so much nicer than the new one, beautiful old building, though inside it was a bit of a maze and I needed a compass to find my way around sometimes lol Enjoy your time, sounds like you are. War Memorial of course is a must do also which you have probably already done. Floriade is amazing, though so crowded, to be expected.

@ziggy yes, we did the War Memorial the first time. So many great things to see here. I saw a coffee mug in a shop today that said “Canberra thinks you are boring too”. Such an unfair tag.

@Crookie ooooh I HAVE to get one of those mugs!! My very best friend owns some businesses at Fyshwick Markets so I’ll tee her up for one. Love it! :+1:

What an amazing time you are having @Amparo and how well organised your owners have been in having their friend come visit you regularly. The Blue Mountains are very special indeed. I was actually feeling homesick looking at your pics and I don’t live in NSW!! Savour every moment.