Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

Father and son aka Eliot and Leo on a sit in Toronto. The first day was challenging as son Leo ( a Schnoodle) is reactive and wouldn’t let me put his harness and lunged at me, so i enlisted the help of HO’s friend’s, and awesome neighbors to try to help and he again acted out. We finally settled snd left the harness off. Father Eliot who is 15, a Schnauzer is quiet, and adapted immediately
Within a day Leo fell in love with me and now won’t leave my side, he’s also jealous when I give attention to Leo. The sit has been enjoyable, although I’ve been going through a bout of Piriformis syndrome and had to seek out Chiropractic care plus massage. Here’s a few shots of the boys.


@Catgoddess_99 Thank you for sharing, I hope you are feeling a bit better now after your Chiropractic massage. Well done for facing these challenges with Leo and now he adores you! I hope the rest of your sit goes well :heart: :dog:


The sit is done Tuesday and i fly to Scotland. Had another chiropractic treatment today, it’s a work in progress. It’s been a bit of an off winter, but I’m optimistic with spring around the corner. Thinks for the supportive reply.


@Catgoddess_99 I’m sorry that you have had a bit of a time of it. It does feel like it has been a long winter for lots of people! :snowflake: Yes to bringing on Spring :hibiscus: I hope that you have a lovely time in Scotland. I look forward to your forum updates!

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My lesson for rhe future, avoid winter climates in the winter :sunglasses::thinking::crazy_face:


Started a short sit with Ruca (16 yo with the white blaze on head) and Fiona (11 yo), a pair of pit bull crosses in Warrenton, VA horse country. No horses on this property but a few dozen horses, a few cows and some sheep at the two houses on either side. Kind of rainy today so maybe some pics of the countryside tomorrow.
The pups are very calm and relaxed, sleep and wander around the yard. If all goes wall, scheduled to return sit for two weeks in about 6 weeks.


Great you’re back doing dog sits @toml.


On an easy peasy cat sit in Washington DC. Spent the afternoon in the International Spy Museum where I learned (at one of the many interactives) that I would be great spy if I didn’t have teeny, sweaty hands that would cause me to loose my grip if I needed to hold on to a small metal bar like a trapeeze artist.


We just finished a sit with these two beautiful girls. They are sleepy after a visit to the dog park, but not your average dog park it’s a 420 acre off-leash park at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains in CO. We were sad for the sit to end! :heart:


Sitting in the USA!


My sit dog is 15 and is on multiple meds. She walks in slow motion (with occasional bursts of spryness) and can’t hear. She’s supposed to not be able to see, but she sees birds, dogs and people pretty far away, so I don’t know about that.

She’s coughing a lot and I’m supposed to start counting her coughs, in case we need to up her meds, poor thing. Her coughing has gone from sounding like a malfunctioning water pump to sounding like a goose.

She’s so sweet. I wish her health were better.


My poor sit dog — age 15 and with various health conditions — had back-to-back seizures tonight. I rushed her to a 24-hour clinic, where they admitted her immediately. She’s in bad shape and they’re trying to stabilize her.

Her humans are overseas, but fortunately were reachable. We’re now waiting to see what the vets can do for her. They say that few dogs survive in her condition. If they can help her, they won’t release her till she’s seizure free for at least 24 hours. But the primary vet said it also might be humane to put her to sleep, so her humans have a very tough choice to make. Can’t imagine how her humans feel, so far away. One of them has raised her since she was a puppy.

I’ve had more than a week with her and already love her. She’s the sweetest little critter. She’s been sickly, but was still getting pleasure out of life. We played catch with her balls today, for instance. And she was barking at people and animals this evening when we walked, sniffing all the things. So hard seeing her suddenly in such bad shape.

The vets were top notch and kind, explained everything to her humans and me. When I asked, they even let me see her and pet her before I left her tonight. I’m glad I put her in her doughnut when taking her to the clinic. She’s at least got that familiar comfort — she’s sleeping on it while housed in one of the clinic’s plastic bubble things.


@Maggie8K, oh no, that’s every sitter’s nightmare. So glad you are there to handle things. Good luck with the next few days. When are the owners back?


Thank you, @botvot.

Her humans aren’t scheduled to return for more than a week. And they’re on a trip that they can’t easily reschedule, for personal reasons.

Very much hope she pulls through. However things unfold, I’m glad I’ve spent time with her. She’s been a joy. She’s also been very well loved by her humans, had a good life.


@Maggie8K So sorry to hear about your pet sit dog’s health decline. I hope she pulls through. It sounds like you have enjoyed her company. Please let us know how things turnout. Our thoughts are with you :hugs:


Hey @Maggie8K you truly are the thsitter needed for that family at this time.


How awful! The homeowners are so lucky that they chose you. The last two years of our dog’s life we didn’t travel much. After one set back that happened at a kennel that we’d used for a while, we searched for someplace else that would “get” her needs. There was a very frank discussion – by the kennel owner about she could go downhill quickly and die at the kennel. My main was concern was simply that they would notice she was going downhill, contact me, and do the best they could for her.

I think animals may be like humans in that they might choose who they are with or not when they go. Anyway, she’s lucky too that you are there.


@Maggie8K Wow, thank you for doing what you are doing! Any updates? Thinking of you, the owners & the pup :heart:


Just heard from my sit dog’s humans, who are on the other side of the world, which is just waking. They’re going to wait for the next 10 hours or so, to decide whether to return home early. It depends on whether their dog progresses health wise.

She’s stabilized, but hasn’t regained awareness. She can’t eat, drink, hold herself up or such. I offered to bring clothes with her humans’ scent, to potentially comfort her, but the vet said she wouldn’t know the difference right now.

In case her humans can’t make it back in time, I’ve offered to be with her if they decide to put her down. I don’t want her to die among strangers if it comes to that.

So sad.


@Maggie8K so sad. :pensive:
You are being held by the community.
You are in my thoughts today.
Thank you for the update.