Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

Enzo is doing a very good job as your very own tour guide


Aww, the poor baby.

Taking my pal Kodi for a walk on the hill overlooking Nice, France.


It’s not always easy keeping a straight face when telling people house sitting isn’t a holiday :sunglasses:


Hahaha! Where are you now?

I have 2 days left on this sit with the Queen of floof in Connecticut. I’m going to miss her demands for treats :cry:


@Catgoddess_99 , We’re in East Wittering, near Chichester.


I’m in beautiful Harrogate with the sweetest Cockapoo (Dillon). Leaving today; we will really miss this beautiful, well behaved, cuddly boy.


He is so beautiful. We absolutely adore him.


Well it looks wonderful :heart_eyes: :blush:


Lenoir, NC with a senior cat, three dogs, and my first macaw.
Pharoah is the senior cat who gets along well with all the dogs but she especially likes Riley

Riley is 19 years old

Pippa is 6 yo

Bindi Lu also 6 yo. She seems to have had a rough beginning before being adopted and so far is keeping her distance, but watches me all the time

Bojangles, 30 year old female parrot. She spends good weather days in a crepe myrtle bush in the back yard - I can only imagine the picture when the crepe myrtle is in bloom with pink blossoms

Very comfortable sit!


I think the only reason I wasn’t born British is so I could fully appreciate a British lifestyle and not take it for granted.

Brilliant sunny last full day in Stratford-upon-Avon, with the most people out I’ve seen in town yet. Gorgeous.

Novel to be able to get a gin and tonic while meandering around a packed open marketplace, filled with food and goods, and walking Enzo.

Popped into a chapel, the earliest parts of which date to the 1200s. And it was open to the public, without anyone on duty.

Had a delicious Sunday roast lunch with the hugest Yorkshire pudding I’ve ever seen. Enzo and I had the dining room all to ourselves, because everyone else was reveling in sunshine. They brought him water and treats. We waddled home after, seeking shade all along the way.

We both needed a nap after that. Now a decadent afternoon tea awaits.

His humans return tomorrow. I will miss him so much.


Looks amazing. Please share your secret for burning off all these calories!

Not something I’m worried about. I’ll die fat and happy.


@Voyager , I was recently reminded that heavier people are harder to kidnap which has become my go-to excuse when filling my face with calorific treats :wink:


Bravo! Bon appetit!

:laughing: I’ll have to try that!

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@Maggie8K - did you all take the canalboat tour? In the early 1980s my father and I rented a canal boat and spent a week on the Shropshire Union canal and out the Llangollen canal as far as the aqueduct. My dad drove, I did all the lockwork!
The boat was named the Michael Collins and I couldn’t understand why an English canal boat would be named after an Irish Republican, Then we saw the other boats from the company - the Alan Shepard, Virgil Grissom, John Glenn… - the boats were named after astronauts.



Tom, I’ve visited one of those boats and don’t think I’d enjoy being in such a tight space on water.

Just started our first THS sit without any pets -a lovely home in a stunningly beautiful location but after 15 sits with pets - it does feel strange to go for a walk without a dog and not to have a cat to feed or cuddle up to on the sofa.