Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

Today my tour guides took me to Easby Abbey, an impressive ruined Abbey. And then they dragged me into an amazing chocolatery just around the corner from home.


Sitting a pair of middle-aged German shepherds in Zebulon, NC a country-side suburb of Raleigh, NC.
Kaiser is 10 years old and uses a ramp to get to the back yard.

Sasha is 11 years old.

They are among the calmest dogs I’ve ever sat.
Lots of trees but and a great back porch, but the heat means not a lot of time outside - early mornings and after the sunsets.


The hares and ground nesting birds were safe during this evening’s walk, and the dogs didn’t seem to mind too much. After only 2 days of walks on the lead to give the wildlife a chance, the retriever is pulling less, and the spaniel is a gem.


loving our current sit on the island!

@fadesman What island?



I’m thinking Treasure Island :thinking:


Love Island @toml ?


And now in Columbia, SC. These are the greatest pets ever! Every one I’ve sat so far (4th sit) has been full of loving!!! I look forward to these sits even though they are not super far from home, yet:-D

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The Island? There is only one :heart_eyes:

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Rather nosey cattle on our walk this morning.

Despite them not being overly impressed with the process, these 2 do look rather smart now!


Just started a sit in a hipster part of Portland. I can walk to all the things and the views are beautiful from their high-rise apartment.

If the cats I’m sitting were human, they’d be fashion models. Gorgeous. My photos don’t do them justice. We need Mario Testino or someone like that to shoot them.

I goggled the breed out of curiosity and the first question that shows up is, why are Siberian cats so expensive? Answer: Demand is high, but there are few purebreds outside of Russia. I didn’t even know they were a thing.

These two are super friendly. They greeted me at the door and hopped next to me on the couch to get acquainted within minutes.

Good thing I brought a lint roller. Apparently they have triple-layered coats.


@Maggie8K Siberian cats are absolute cuties. I cat sat this Siberian cat named Myshka in London during Christmas last year.


A beauty, @kimshady!

They’re now both obsessed with the luggage cart I borrowed from the lobby, so I could bring up my grocery delivery. They have awesome views they could be looking at, but instead are fascinated by sniffing the cart. :joy:


We did a sit with a pair of Siberian cats in London and they are now one of our favourite cat breeds. They are gorgeous and very sociable, more like a dog than a dog than a cat, in that one would run to greet us each morning!

Interestingly, despite all that fluff, many Siberians do not cause allergies. Most of them lack the enzyme in their saliva that causes most people who are allergic to cats to have a reaction to in their dander.


One of the great things about sitting is getting to know different breeds. Like I doubt I would’ve met a Siberian otherwise.

Yes, both of these cats are very friendly. They’re quite fun, too. And these ones are super easy to care for, because I’m here for only a few days and they have an auto feeder, auto litter box, water fountain and robo-vacuum. This also is the most automated place I’ve ever sat — the husband is an engineer, who’s got loads of Alexa commands, plus controls on a tablet.

Interesting about the allergy thing. I notice that my nose gets very slightly bothered when cats shed a lot and it’s in the air more, but so far that’s so minor that it’s not anything that would keep me from sitting them.


Has anyone met Burmese cats? They are gorgeous.
Siberians are beautiful too, and Ragdolls, and British Shorthair.
These are pure breed cats, but really I think every cat is cute

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We have done a sit where we looked after a pair of Burmese cats and they were very chatty - one was also very cuddly. If we sat down he was there instantly on our lap and laid sprawled crossways across our legs - making it impossible to get up !
His brother was more of a recluse -spent most of his time outside we hardly saw him which the owners told us was normal for him.


I looked after Burmese cats twice and was totally in love with them. They were more affectionate than most other cats I have met. I thought of them as dog cats, just without the walk requirements. Some were very chatty, yes. I had one sit with 6 Burmese cats. One of them kept calling out like saying “hey, pay attention to me!”.
Their fur was incredibly soft and they were oh so cuddly.

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I have friends with sweet Burmese cats. I sat a British shorthair I loved. But personally I’ve not met a cat I didn’t like. Knock wood.

From my cat vs. dog exposure, cats’ personalities and quirks vary more, which makes them very interesting to me. The more I sit different ones, the more I love cats. It’s about even with dogs now, which I didn’t expect. But overall, the key thing to me is, we’re so lucky to have pets and/or sit them. If money and time were no object, I’d love to fly all over just to see my former sit pets again. I miss them all.


@andrealovesanimals Burmese are another favourite cat breed of ours, because they are so affectionate and friendly. Definitely dog cats! We have looked after one who would instantly climb on your lap and start kneading at every possible opportunity, and another who liked to drape himself round your neck like a scarf when you wete sitting on the sofa.

We also cared for a siamese who would jump on your shoulders and want to ride around the house like that!