Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

We are in Manchester UK with Freddy - He should be used to the rainy weather here but does like a towel when he comes in from a wet walk :rofl:


I wonder if this is related to blood type. I am A+ and the bugs don’t bother me much. My husband and daughter are O+ and they are eaten up by them. The other possibility is that I take a multivitamin, in addition to B vitamins and other supplements (they do not). I have heard that this makes you not taste good to biting insects. Although they say this is a fallacy. I’m not so sure.

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I have heard that as well. What about garlic? They’re not supposed to like the taste of garlic. Maybe a put garlic in everything I eat.
The blood idea makes sense.

I did a sit for a woman who is a malariologist! She is a freaking mosquito expert! PhD certified works for huge world wide health organization that will remain anonymous :grin: She had mosquito pics, sculptures…
Anyhoo, I asked here and she said yes people who are O+ like spicy food, garlic, onions, hot sauce are their favorite meal!

Sounds like me. Can’t change my blood type but maybe my diet needs to different.

I’m O+ and don’t get badly bitten, although I used to get a lot of bites. Obviously my blood type hasn’t changed, so maybe it is diet-related.

Oh Elsie… I’m feeling for you. The “no-seeums” or “chitras” in Bocas are horrendous if you are prone to get bitten which I was! Within 2 hours of arriving my legs were covered and then they blistered. All from the tiniest creature you can’t even see! Our island home was surrounded by mangroves so no escape at dusk and dawn. Ian… quick wash off and no problem.

Among the islands Avon simple lotion was considered the best option and is used by many. Over 3 years many options were tried and this was the best… but not for me :frowning: This image might make you laugh, or horrify you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: … it’s tongue in cheek and I was messing with Ian about just how bad they were for me at dusk :slight_smile: (Bear in mind it’s 35 degrees)

But there’s so much beauty and wonder there I put up with this for a couple of years :slight_smile:

Exactly. The sea breeze has set in today so I can actually go outside. It is a wonderful place.

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When I was at university in France my roommate got eaten alive by the insects all summer. I was not bitten once. I was also struggling with my hay fever. My solution was to eat very garlicky or spicy food, which cleared my nostrils and allowed me to breathe more freely, but may also have made me less appetising to the bugs!

Sitting in Houston, Texas. A week with a dog, Gilligan

And 2 cats, Hootch who is pretty friendly on her terms

And Jac who spends her time outside until she hears the microwave ding when I warm her food

Comfortable house in the museum district.
Weather is great!


The last housesit I did, was one of my favourite I have ever done!! I miss those two furry chums & their hairy shenanigans!!

:giraffe: :giraffe: :giraffe:

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@Fluffball, where you house sitting three giraffes (emoji used :giraffe:)? :rofl:


Three months with two kitties in Minnesota, my longest sit to date, have now ended.
I experienced the joy of the seasons, the sights and sounds of Summer passing into the sleep of winter. From mowing the lawn to lighting the fireplace, I watched the green fade and the first snowflakes dancing like the sky had let loose a bag of styrofoam beads.
The cats became my friends happily greeting me each day. Attempts to modify some behaviors only proved once again that cats know who they are, kings and queens that rule their domain, and don’t you forget it.
During my time, I received weekly delightful stories and photos from the joyful traveler.

On her return, we spent hours in our jammies, and continued with our happy tales, while happy tails wagged beside us.

It was a wonderful experience.

See you next time babies.


Hello Virginia!
So, asked my new peeps where was a good place to stay near them and they said, “here”.
So, here I is and they left this morning for their holiday two days earlier.
10 days in what looks like heaven.

Thank you!


No time like the present to start a vacation-love it when folks make a decision on the fly to benefit all! Win-win :blush:


They’ve already asked if I would come back next Summer!

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Ha Ha!! Oh my goodness, that would be AMAZING!!

:joy: :joy: :joy:

I’m going to be on the lookout for a giraffe sit now!!

:orangutan: :orangutan: :orangutan:


Enjoying a vacation in Italy and miss the sitting! Sadly there were no opportunities in this area in the timeframe I could be here but when I’m back in the Netherlands I have a lot new adventures lined up. Can’t wait!

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Checking in from Virginia where we have no complaints. Weather is crisp, sunny, skies are
Kitchen and living room wood floors definitely satisfy the need to dance in socks.
Peaceful and serene trails most suitably satisfy the need for communing with nature.
Cats are most happy doing as they please.

Everything is purrfect!


I’ve just discovered why the rain forest is so green and it definitely lives up to its name. Day 1 of rain storms accompanied by thunder, no lightning yet. According to the forecast this may go on all week. Down falls of a tropical sit in the rainy season.

But yet again I find a positive. The noice of the heavy rain on the huge leaves is fantastic as we walk round the veranda. And Cora doesn’t seem to mind the thunder but hates the accompanying wind, wonderful peaceful dog.