Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

Hi everyone!

I am on a shorter one week sit relatively close to home. I like to think of it as almost a staycation with benefits. The benefits are these cuties.

Also, some chickens, a bunny and a shy cat.

I’m really enjoying the walking trails here in Peterborough after seeing the same sights at home for so long.
Enjoy your sit everyone and stay safe!


NYE in Pleasantville. The sit will end Sunday morning. The young female cat, Zooma and the pup, Trixie decided to put on a show for me in the kitchen today.


We stayed fairly close to home and found this sit in Aveiro. It is only a 2 hr train ride from our home in Lisbon. Chocho has been a very good girl for us while her Mom went back to the US for the Holidays.


We are back in Wilmington, North Carolina for two repeat sits. Liza is a sweetheart! We also have a new sit in the area which gets us out of cold, snowy Michigan until March. My daughter and her family live nearby so we will spend some time with them while having our own place, and dog, to come home to. A perfect situation! Today we volunteered with the local Sierra Club chapter and took a walk to collect litter along the roadway.


Got a text last night from the Pleasantville folks. Their connecting flight from LAX to JFK for today was cancelled so they won’t be home until Monday. Asked if I could stay an extra day. Since I drove to this sit, that is easy so will feed the snake a 2nd time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@toml I’ve also been asked to stay an extra night, as my HO is driving back rather than flying. Easy for me to extend one day, as my ticket to fly home was for the following day. My son lives nearby, and I had intended to sleep the last night at his place. It’s great when we can accommodate those requests without readjusting our schedule too much.

How did you get on with that? Was it live food?

It was a frozen mouse. I thawed it in a glass of warm water for about 15 minutes and then used kitchen tongs to place it on the log that the snake curled up inside of. S/he I guess smelled it because within a minute the snake stuck its head out and started looking for the mouse. Within about 10 minutes the mouse was swallowed. There is a pic a few messages back of the snake and the snake starting on the mouse.

Last few days in South Carolina (at least till March), 25F and grateful for foot warmers.


Do I reply to this, first post, or to the most recent one?
My query is, is anyone else sitting in San Miguel de Allende, MX now?

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You have arrived. Are you on a sit now or looking to connect with folks in that particular area?

I am on a sit in SMA, and would enjoy meeting other sitters and HO too.

Started a 3 cat sit on Thursday in West Haven, CT. Temperature was in the 40s. Saturday noon and the temp is 13F with a wind chill below 0; the high today is forecast to be 20 but the sun is shining. Rain and snow Monday.
Cats are friendly, house is warm.
Gizmo on the chair, Moxxie under the chair. Gizmo is a Hemingway or polydactyl - almost like a thumb on her front paws. Both are female.

George in a scratching box. He is younger and found the family a few years ago.

Anybody else in the area? I’m here until the end of the month while TH family is cruising from Puerto Rico.