Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

Side note: We bought my hubby a book called My Dog, My Guru: A Dog’s Principles for a Happier Life today. Found it at the 2nd hand book shop at a National Trust site. You might enjoy it.


We are currently on an invited, repeat, local sit with these two wonderful dogs.

And a senior orange tabby who has a wobbly back end (mobility issues a la the Queen). He’s a lovely cat, very vocal.

There are also 8 chickens who are providing us fresh eggs daily. These are 7 of the 8. There’s one that is a real brooder and won’t leave the nest.

We have also been blessed with frequent visits from a number of hummingbirds. Try as we may, they just don’t seem to find our feeders at home.


Hi @ PetSitterBug

What are the names of the dogs / cat? They are beautiful!

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I am. It is going wonderfully fantastic on one hand but shockingly disturbing on the other.

Went to a supermarket today with a small Havanese securely zipped up in a backpack. A trolley attendant wouldn´t let me place the backpack in a trolly but pointed me to … dog storage - a coin locker box. Speechless and in shock I left immediately

p.s. I was too shocked to even think of documenting the incident. Thus I am enclosing a photo taken by ©Raphael Rashid

The box offered to me was all transparent.
Where am I? Seoul, South Korea

@RadarInc Our choices of emojis on this platform just don’t apply for such a sad and horrific story. :scream: :sob:

I do understand the need to adapt to various cultures, and a level of acceptance of differences, but that one would also make me quickly turn tail. I would also hate to leave those who were already locked up though. :worried:

Hello! . I wonder how the dog’s owners deal with this dog storage-locker box ? Do they sometimes come to the supermarket with their Havanese and proceed as requested or do they always leave doggy at home to avoid this practice ? It would be interesting to know.

I am on my first THS sit an in Florida with 11 cats lol. Yes I said Eleven. Great Experience so far on Day 2of a 61 day sit.


Wow, you are brave for your first sit! Let us know how it’s going in a couple of months.

More from Eaton, Colo. Yesterday I went to the Wild Animal Sanctuary (wildanimalsanctuary.org). Home to lions, tigers, bears, wolves, jaguars, mountain lions, leopards, camels, bobcats, lynx, coyotes, emus, ostriches and more that have been rescued from abusive or illegal environments. They roam a 700 acre site (species separated). Humans see them from a 1.5 mile long elevated walk.
You see some animals, but they seem to like their privacy -

Spent this morning at the gardens on Spring Creek in Ft Collins. Lots of plants and flowers but also a butterfly house. The first 2 pics are the same butterfly - wings open and wings closed. When leaving the butterfly house you are carefully checked to be sure none are hitching a ride to freedom!


@Brigitte, She was very sorry I had to experience such a thing. She has lived here for one year and has never seen coin lockers for dogs.

Did some research and lockers for dogs are not so common these days. Many stores allow dogs in as long as owners carry them. Some don´t even have that requirement. Some don´t allow dogs in at all. Things are changing. I guess I had bad luck encountering a “relic from the past”.

Enclosing a pic of the locker in question. Right next to the bathrooms. Went back to the store (without my doggy) just to take that shot



Wow. Who could have thought of this practice. Never heard of that. Thanks for the information.

Many of us have special pet stories, those pets who have become such a part of our TrustedHousesitters life since that very first sit. This is one of my pet stories and I have been so privileged to have many, all different all special and all the same, that may sound strange but the unconditional love is what binds them all.

Last week I was sitting two Bengal cats in San Diego California, this week a little dog in North Wales having traveled 6,162 miles to get here …

Meet a very special little Maltese Terrier called Paddington, now 17 year old (119 in human years) a"big little" man with separation anxiety to match.

I first cared for him in Vegas 9 years ago, after Vegas it was at home on Bainbridge Island WA and now Abergele, Conwy, N Wales. We are all family, thank you THS!! :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog: :uk: :us:

This little man has come to the UK with his Mom for the summer to visit family and today Mom is on her way to Basle to meet 16 friends from Bainbridge and pick up a River Cruise, they will have a brilliant time … and so will we, I’m working from home with a beloved life long, furry friend.

Paddington began his journey to the UK on Air Canada May 1st, Seattle > Toronto > Dublin > Sea Ferry and car to North Wales, why so long? Because many carriers have stopped allowing pets in the cabin, the only way Paddington’s Mum wanted him to travel.

Pics: Top to Bottom: Homes & Gardens: Las Vegas, Bainbridge Island North Wales.

Uploading: IMG_0869.JPG…




Hi @Angela-HeadOfCommunity

Wow! What an interesting and amazing story of Paddington’s journeys and you reuniting with him after 9 years. He is certainly a trooper for having traveled since May 1 and having accumulated over 6,000 miles under his furry belt.

For Paddington to have separation anxiety and for him to travel by air, sea ferry, and car – is truly amazing.

What a courageous and adorable little guy!


Thank you @anon49809275 your description is pawfect … he is quite a little trooper and travels so well, he doesn’t make a sound just stays in his carrier just as long as he knows Mom is close by he’s content.

The amazing thing is at home in Bainbridge, his Mom cannot be out of sight without him pining and barking continuously … he’s profoundly deaf … and yet his Mom left for her trip yesterday, I have to admit to having feelings of trepidation as I have seen him at his worst (sedation required)

But apart from 15 mins yesterday morning just after they left (when I held my breath) he’s been 100% fine, not a peep … eating & drinking well, sleeping like a log and no crying … my dream existence :sleeping: :rofl:

I hope for his sake it continues … Mom is gone for 12 days.


Hi @Angela-HeadOfCommunity

Just curious when you cared for Paddington in Vegas and Bainbridge Island, Washington, did he have separation anxiety during that time? Do you think he remembers you?

I sat for a nervous dog a few weeks ago. His pet parents adopted him from a shelter and had him for approximately 2 months. The day his pet parents left, he whined, was very leery of me, and was content to remain in the TV room on the couch on his safe/happy spot. I gave him his space–didn’t try to win him over–just remained patient and understanding. Sometimes silence is the best medicine. Respect and trust have to be earned. Afterall, I was a stranger in his space.

Also, I just remained calm…when we are calm, they are calm. After a couple of walks and him eating his dinner, he started to come around. I guess he said, "Well, she fed me and she took me out to potty–she could be a keeper.":joy:

Maybe Paddington is thinking the same thing, “you have fed him, given him water, you are keeping him company”–you are a keeper. :smiley: :clap:


I’m currently in the Lake District, UK, looking after a couple of old boys, Watson (see picture) and Oscar. Oscar is very affectionate, I woke this morning to find him sleeping on my head! The area I’m in didn’t seem to get the memo about the current heatwave in the UK, and it’s been raining since I got here. But this morning is fine and bright so we will be exploring the local area - that is when Oscar decides to get out of bed - I’ve been waiting 3 hours for him to wake up!


To be fair @anon49809275 I have a real bond with Paddington. Since the first time I cared for him 9 years ago, through THS, his Mom and I have become family. I have my own key to “our” home he’s very used to me being around, I’m almost a second Mom to him.

Paddington had his “sister” Coco until 3 years ago when we sadly lost her, there have been other losses in the family also.

As he’s gotten older he has become more dependent on Cally she on him and so it’s inevitable that he misses her when she’s not around. To be truthful we were concerned and did not think that he would be as calm and settled as he is right now and being deaf there is no way of calming him by talking to him but he is absolutely fine … as I said before long may it continue. :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


A very special pup in your life @Angela-HeadOfCommunity

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Finally I’m back in England pet sitting and so happy to be here. Am in Kent looking after some special girls - 5 ducks and 6 chickens - who are good layers. There are only so many eggs you can eat!! Fortunately there are folk who we can give some to.
Lovely owners and a wonderful house with so much character, with parts dating back to the 16th century. Plenty of ducking the head!!
Our ducks (2a)
Our ducks a
Our chickens a


I’m staying with two beautiful pups and two beautiful kitties at a farmhouse in rural Somerset, UK. We’re all very happy!