Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

Been loving life (surprise) doing back to back sits in my idea of paradise.
Most recently 3 gorgeous cats, one with special needs in a beautiful home owned by a strong independent woman who I got along with so well we lounged on the couch drinking cocktails and enjoyed Chinese take away in the garden.
This week I am once again reminded that there are many colors and shade of paradise. The home is tucked away in a small town I was told "there is nothing there’. Well nothing looks and feels pretty fabulous as I sit in this gorgeous English garden listening to my favorite Paul McCartney songs feeling and thinking how wonderful life is. My Little Cat is a senior, deaf and a doll baby who has her own spa station for brushing and special snuggles. What a privilege to be here in this moment, to care for Little Cat and water this garden.
I love this life. Yeah I know…here I go again being “silly” <3

But no one says it better than Sir Paul himself
"Love doesn’t come in a minute, Sometimes it doesn’t come at all
I only know that when I’m it, love isn’t silly at all’

Cheers everyone!


@Amparo Heavenly. Where in England are you?


Ha ha you made me think…
Harlow 40" SE of London.
But there’s nothing here :rofl:


Too bad, we’re quite far apart.

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For the first time ever we are on a house sit with no pets!

So it’s just me, the sun, Brighton beach, and my own personal two legged fur baby to keep me company :sunglasses:


Hi @ Colin, that looks mighty relaxing… :smiley:

By the way, you may have mentioned it --but which is Colin and which is Karyo?

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I hope you have LOTS of sunscreen on and something soft to sit on those stones that pass for a beach can be a little uncomfortable … Enjoy London By The Sea :uk: :sunglasses:

Hi Sharon - It’s easy to tell us apart, Karyo has more hair and more teeth. :rofl:
He is Greek hence his unusual name (Karyofyllis)

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Karyofyllis is a beautiful and unique name. :grinning:


Good on you @temba can’t wait until we get over there in November

Enjoy your vacation time!

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Me: Come on, it’s 11pm, time for bed!

Pooch: No bed! More ball!! :laughing:


We’re on a housesit in a small town just outside of Antwerp, Belgium. This is a charming area with children playing in the streets and many people on bicycles. The city of Antwerp is the second largest city in Belgium and it seems very international. Lots of great tourist attractions and the central train station is beautiful. We have two young, male cats who are a pleasure to care for. They aren’t much for cuddling, but boy, do they love to play. The homeowners have a large stock of toys for them.


She is so sweet.


Moved on to my second housesit in rural UK. Meet Tommy and Poppy!


Brilliantly. I sit for the most adorable, loving, affectionate, fun Havanese. There is, however, one teeny-tiny problem? inconvenience? situation? I´d like to share with you should you ever sit a dog at this location - which you absolutely must if such an occasion presents itself. Korea.

Most Koreans, especially the elderly ones are afraid of dogs. And it shows. My people-loving Havanese ignores everyone including joggers and bikers that cross his path … but … the scared (elderly) people. As soon as he sees someone trying to sneak or run around him, he begins to growl or even tries to “attack” them. This keeps me on full alert, especially during our morning walks when we have to share the walking paths with plenty of elderly people doing their morning exercise and power walks, which btw is very impressive to see.

The younger people, many of whom, own dogs themselves are much more open and even come spontaneously to say hello to me and “my” doggy. Young kids are even more relaxed and always wave at every passing dog.