Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

Putney with a pair of pugs and a pair of 14 yo Burmese cats.
Both pugs and 1 of the cats are very social - 1 of the cats not so much, but doesn’t object to my making nice.
Hugo, tan, 2 yo and Lola, black, 7 yo

Lilah, grey and Ozzie, tan, both 14 yo


Wonderful neighborhood except directly under the landing path for Heathrow 09R/27L (the southern runway). Flightaware app tells me that they are about 2500 feet passing over the house.
Great Sat market in Barnes, a short walk - produce, butchers, bakers, cheese mongers, olive and pasta sellers.
Went to 2 eatwiths over the weekend - a Nepalese dinner on Sat evening - some new flavors for me and all but 1 of the 9 courses were great successes for me.

Then a pan-Asian brunch by a Filipino chef. Not as much new flavors as just good combinations and takes on things - like an English breakfast but with lamb bacon and the homemade baked beans were seasoned with gojuchang and a duck a l’orange Siu Mai dumpling.

And the closest grocery a Tesco Express is terrible. Today I walked to Amazon Fresh and stocked up.


200 of any kind of plant is a lot of care. Were you aware of the size of the farm? And are you allowed to do any harvesting?

Becky, I am originally from NC and my DIL went to Appalachian State. I know the area. I would love to consider you for future sits.

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@toml :slight_smile: Not a farm, just a hobby garden, and lots of indoor pot plants, including the most beautiful orchids. The latter I wouldn’t dare to “harvest” but the juicy tomatoes from the glass house are part of almost every day’s meal - with the express permission of the HO. But the apple tree is a nightmare. It drops about 30 worm-ridden apples every day which need to be collected and dropped onto the compost heap. Though they look red and juicy, too.

Thank you so much for asking, Robyn! I would dearly love to - we used to live in Lewisburg, PA and I loved that area – and I am excited to see you have an AppState connection! However, I am busy during that time and cannot travel away from Boone. I am definitely open and interested in falling in love with your 3 doggies someday soon, though. Please DM me in the future if you need a sitter.

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Glad you clarified as I was thinking something very different :rofl:

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Enjoying a wonderful late August morning in the Bedfordshire countryside with my current buddies Boris and Harley! There is also Marmelade (a gorgeous ginger cat!)
We are currently on Sit no.18 of 24 booked for our ‘Summer Housesitting Tour of UK’! 4 months of back to back sits! Thanks to careful planning & flexible hosts we have no gaps and have just been flowing around the English countryside from one lovely sit to the next! Absolutely loving the wide variety of homes and adorable pets, mainly large country homes, with glorious walks from the door. A wonderful opportunity to get to know my home country a bit better!


Thank you, and I will definitely keep you in mind. My neighbor also needs a dog sitter from time to time. I look forward to letting you house sit.

It’s not Hove, it’s “Hove, actually” :grin:

Just said goodbye to this beauty, miss her


I’m glad you are having a lovely time, I’d hate it. I dislike any sit under a week, unless it’s a repeat, I don’t get to know the pets, and they don’t get to know me

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@andrealovesanimals I know this beauty!!! Is this Mina? It was one of our favourite housesits, in Liverpool, right?

That’s her! I think I know who you are, we’re from the same country, right? :slight_smile:

So in previous discussions here on the forum we have talked at length about how some sits at times require a bit more and I just want to share that where I am now, a long term many years repeat with animals and people I just adore, are in process of preparing to sell. The home and property are exceptional. Everything is tip top and very artistically and uniquely decorated with furniture and art imported from the many places they have lived around the world.
A lakefront home with pool and gardens all planted and tended to by the lady of the house are exquisite. There are gardeners that come to do the mowing and trimming and housekeepers that visit once a week whose company I thoroughly enjoy.
Today was photo and drone footage day and everything needed to be well, picture perfect. Got up early, tended to my doggos and kitty and went out to check…
Move the cars, sweep the leaves (it’s already started to turn and fall here!), put out the cushions for the outdoor furniture, sweep the deck, skim the pool, oh no what is that at the bottom?
Off I go and change into my swim attire and jump in to manually guide the pool cleaner to hoover the debris collected at the bottom. The water is cool and so refreshing after the hot humid early morning. The housekeepers smile and wave from the windows. I smile and wave back thinking, how wonderful is this work that I do. Sometimes it’s hard but hey someone has to do it and I do it ever so well.
Surely had I lived then (maybe I did), I would have been the Mrs. Hughes in Downtown Abbey.
Got to go, dog trainer is on her way!
I love my life.


@Amparo -You are so good! Will you get a piece of the realtor’s commission?


When I grow up, I want to be you!:sunglasses:

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Sorry, meant Ampero!

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Just be you @Sittersue.
Give with all you got, from the heart and do it freely and willingly and you will be amazed at the joy and abundance that will pour into your life.
Thank you <3


We are just starting a housesit in Nanaimo BC we will be here for a month while the family go to Europe.
We have been housesitting since June 6th of this year we have been all over B.C. Doing sits.


How absolutely wonderful!
Beautiful animals and well done you!