Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

No haha as with every job there are always the pro’s and the cons and yes sun over the Atlantic is probably stunning but also blinding indeed :rofl::rofl::rofl: one of the minus points of the job.

Yes thats the sounds it’s like a very soft hissing or as you said static. Beautiful when you indeed mangae to get away from all things manmade and then hear that noise. They say the lights are the ancestors so I always like to think it’s their whispering that we are hearing


Such gorgeous cats you’ve had the company of @Smiley :cat2: :black_cat:


She indeed a vocal Bengal. :laughing:


They’re a beautiful breed. A few years back pre-pandemic i visited Quebec and Montreal for a fall photography trip, while in Quebec i noticed a “Cat cafe” as i was combing the streets. I went in for some tea and all the cats who belonged to the owner were Bengals. I had a field day photographing them.

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Yes, pretty skittish although Elsie and Bianca would sit on my knee sometimes. Polly, never!


I sat a big Bengal (he outweighed the pair of Chis) in Perth. Very vocal, but very placid. He would come and go through the cat flap and could have easily gone over the garden wall but never did. Quite content to stay home!


Hi Julie, I have had my fair share with very timid cats and found a MIRACLE CURE: Sleep in the room where the cat is hiding. When you are fast asleep and snoring the cat will come out and watch and sniff you - the first step to gain trust.


Wow, Colin, you get around quite a bit, don’t you? Last summer you were in my home town, Brighton in the UK. Good on you!

Hi @Romana - We were and loved our time in Brighton. After Brighton we went to Greece, then from Greece came here to New Zealand. We are here for 3 months then going to Australia for three months. We’ve never been before so seemed like a good idea seeing as we are on this side of the world! x


Now these little ladies aren’t the most beautiful bless them, but they are wonderful company, super soft, very funny, one gets herself around in a wheelchair and they’re 98 & 115 no less :raised_hands: Oh, & Zug :switzerland:is stunning. We are lucky people no question.


wow beautiful. You were really lucky that they were so nice and clear :pray:t2::grinning:

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Hi @Romana Brighton is my hometown too! Small world eh?!

We are back in Wilmington, North Carolina. This is our fourth sit with lovely Liza and we have another sit lined up in the area. We won’t get back to Michigan until early April and will happily miss the wintery weather!

We have family in the area and are able to visit with the kids and grandkids while having our own place and pet to escape to! It’s a perfect situation.


@Alice that is awesome! Definitely sounds like the PAWfect situation haha. And Liza is absolutely adorable, look at that smile :heart_eyes:


Just loving our time in Arizona with sunny skies, warm temps and this sweet little one.


@Joanne so adorable! :cat::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


He is a sweetie @Samox24, and reminds us so much of our own little kitty :heart_eyes:


When animal selfies fail…
All good — just love :blush:
Not a THS sit, but doing a kindness for an Airbnb host I stayed with a few years ago. There are many paths to share animal love.


We are currently in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. To keep company to Kaylee, a beautiful coon cat.
Prior to arrive here on the south west side of the island, we stayed two days in San Juan.

We arrived the day after the end of the San Sebastián carnival. As we are not fan of big crowds, we truly appreciated to witness the packing of all the costumes and masks used during the parade.

We are now located 10 minutes walk from Ostiente Beach, a secret well kept by the locals. Lisa and Bob, the HO invited us in a typical portorican family restaurant before leaving. Delicious and so gracious of them.

I love my petsitting adventures.