Why Can't I Leave Feedback Yet?


I am a sitter and I notice I have had to contact Support each time I want to leave feedback for the HOs, as the option hasn’t shown up for me.

How long would it take if I didn’t send Support a message asking them?

Surely the option to leave feedback should appear (at the latest) the following day after the sit ends? Or even the same day. I don’t understand why we have to wait.

What is the reason for the delay please?

Thank you

Hi @BillyBonnieBenji I’m wondering if you’re referring to the email prompting you to provide feedback. If so, this is being looked into by product services. I’m one of the members who’'s not receiving those emails. However, instead I just go to my dashboard and use the access link there. Just in case you’re not aware of how to do that, I’ll explain.

  • Go to your dashboard
  • Click on feedback
  • Click on Leave feedback (if it’s not on it by default)
  • Click on the green ‘Leave feedback’ for the particular homeowner
  • Click on ‘Publish feedback’

If you’re not seeing that option, please let me know and we’ll tag membership services to contact you.

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Thank you Francine!

I see it now hidden away in the Dropdown menu.

That’s great, thanks :grinning:

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