Why do HOs post family friendly listings and offer 1 bed?

Does THS give tips advice best practices to HOs when they first sign up? I get really excited when I see family friendly listings but then get bummed when the post says it offers 1 bed. Isn’t that for a single or couple? I wish it would show how many people the home owner will accommodate on the front screenshot

Great suggestion I’m going to merge this with a thread that the product team keeps an eye on…But to answer your other questions yes THS does send tutorials to HO’s when they first sign up on what all they should fill out. However, there are many many users that have signed up years ago that have profiles that have not been updated to meet the new current standards of showing photos of all the key areas of a home. Now, about your other question in regards to “family Friendly,” as you well know “family” can mean a lot of different things. Most people take this as meaning “child/kid” friendly home…in which case one bedroom would work just find for my family of three as our daughter will be sleeping in her travel crib. It could also mean a mom/daughter are traveling together, cousins, father/son…the list goes on…yes it would be very nice to know how many beds/bedrooms would be available for use for the sitter(s) but that is a very different question IMO than if the home is “family friendly.”

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