Search filter needed: number of travelers

I often travel with my husband and two kids, so I would need to pet sit somewhere that can accommodate 4 sleepers. I wish HO’s had to include how many travelers / sitters can sleep in the home. Currently I have to read the entire description and scan every photo to try to parse out this information. And sometimes, the HO lists “3 bedroom home” but only wants the sitter to use one bed. Why mention the number of bedrooms, then?

If this information was required, then a search filter could be added for sitters looking for a pet sit, where you could choose how many sitters or how many beds.

Right now the only option is “family friendly” but what does that even mean? Does that mean that it is safe for young children, like locks on the cupboards? Or toys in the bedrooms? Or multiple bedrooms for families with kids? I have teenagers, so “family friendly” is less clear whether this applies to me or not.


@MelissaSkinner we are exactly the same - a family of 4 with boys aged 13 and 11. It can be tricky to work out from many listings how many beds might be available or if they would be suitable. I have to read the listing carefully and look at the photos, but it isn’t always clear.

I agree that “family friendly” may not always apply to us, as homes that are not suitable for small children might be fine for teens. However a listing tagged as family friendly may not be suitable if the host’s children are small and have child sized beds!

Number and size of beds available would be a really useful addition, not just for families, but also for sitters who would occasionally like to invite a relative or friend along to a sit - with the host’s approval. We would all need to refer to @Snowbird 's really useful post about different bed sizes in different countries though!