Why do sitters choose not to leave a bad review even after they have received theirs - I feel let down by my fellow sitters

No, you are not.

Is there an option for the sitter to leave a review?

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@LongTimer yes but it is called feedback, look for Feedback on your Dashboard.

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Cause if you leave a critical Feedback, the host can punish you by leaving an even worse defamatory review.
Reviews/Feedback need to have a deadline and not be visible until each side leaves their review


I have noticed a few home owners leaving feedback but sitters not doing the same in return. I respect things have happened that may not have been pleasant.

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There could be a variety of reasons why sitters choose not to leave a review. Mine was strictly psychological. I didn´t leave any review even though I have received theirs (for which I had to ask and then wait for weeks) simply because:

  1. I took on the challenge (not really knowing or understanding what I was getting myself into). Nonetheless, I accepted it
  2. I wasn´t sure I could write about it in a descriptive only manner, and didn´t want to relive the trauma again that writing might have triggered. All I wanted was to forget and move on.

Five months on … and I still haven´t forgotten.

@RadarInc - By not leaving a review are you not concerned that the next sitter, having had no warning of your bad experience, will likely end up in the same situation as you were?


Until the review/feedback system within the THS site is improved (I agree with others that it should be more of a blind review process with deadlines, such as Airbnb, plus reviews should appear the same on both the computer version and the app version [only on the app can you see where a sitter did not review the homeowner]), here is what I do.

I am both a homeowner and a sitter. When I review a sitter that I felt was not “up to par”, I still give them 5 stars and I thank them for their care of my pets and home, but I never once say that “I recommend him/her/them” or that “I would have him/her/them return.” When I review a homeowner after sitting there, if there were any issues, I’ll give 5 thumbs up and say something nice about some aspect of the sit (the pets, the home, the location, etc.), but I never say “I will gladly return” or “I recommend this sit to other sitters”.

I know many of you rightfully feel that we need to warn others of bad experiences or issues that we’ve encountered, either as a homeowner or as a sitter, but as someone else pointed out, aggressiveness and blaming seems to happen after one party receives a bad review, and then it’s not possible to know who to believe. I feel it’s more in what I don’t say than what I do say.


Until the review system is fixed, I feel this is the only correct way to deal with it.

If what most people are saying here, that it’s up to sitters/HOs to “read between the lines” for “codes”… then there’s my code. No review = nothing good to say.

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@MissChef , yes, I agree, no review is an option when there is nothing good to say. But, if someone only looks at THS listings, feedback and reviews on the website, and not on the app, then they will never see that a sitter or a homeowner did not leave a review. In order to know that a sitter did not leave a review for a homeowner, or vice versa, the reviews/feedback must be viewed through the app. That’s an issue that I think should be addressed - that the app and the website views should be the same, but they’re not currently.


Many of us have been asking for this, for quite some time, it’s not going to get fixed. I have lost all optimism about the website and app being coordinated. It’s appalling that they drifted so far apart, that they are so incompatible that you can’t even get the same information from both formats.


YES YES YES–otherwise bribes are encouraged. It is a flawed system and they need to revise it.

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“aggressiveness and blaming seems to happen after one party receives a bad review, and then it’s not possible to know who to believe.”

When will they pay attention and revamp the review process? Mods, is this even in the works? I find it extremely flawed. I got dinged on one rating, and I feel like telling the whole truth about the sit on their feedback, but I’m on the fence. Then, I’m getting mixed messages from support like this:

Support said: “With regards to the rating, the homeowner can ask to amend this if they made a mistake, however, we would not ask them to do this. If you believe they may have made a genuine mistake, you can reach out to them to ask them if they would consider changing this for you.”

Even though the site says:
"We also operate a 100% tamper-proof policy to ensure all reviews, feedback and responses are genuine and reliable. This means you cannot remove or amend the content you write, and it will only be removed by us if it violates member guidelines, the code of conduct, or our Terms and Conditions. "

Very unclear. If I asked HO for them to ammend their rating, it looks like a bribe because I haven’t written their review yet. So conflicting.

Hi @tortimom

There are owners who mistakenly hit the wrong star rating … who give a glowing and stellar review but the star rating does not reflect the copy and it’s obviously a case of human error , this would be a specific occasion when the review would be amended but only on the instruction of the owner.

The answer is this is included in the road map of future work.

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Angela, I don’t understand why THS simply cannot initiate this change immediately. What is stopping the organisation doing so?