Why do some forum posts get moderated by admin?

Hi, I’ve noticed numerous forum posts have an admin notice below saying the post was moderated. What are the reasons this happens? What makes the post inappropriate that admin takes this action?


If it’s mine, it’s usually the spelling or grammar. Spell check is my enemy.

@Crookie - posts are moderated by our community forum moderators (excluding me, in my volunteer role) to assure that they comply with the Community Rules.

Hi @Crookie as @Snowbird says

For example if a member includes links to their profiles or listings, personal information such as telephone numbers, email addresses etc., or the information of another member this is a public space and we remove this information to avoid privacy and security issues.

Inaccuracies which are misleading, inflammatory language, etc., we also get requests from members to edit their posts, although members do have the ability to do that themselves of course. When a post is moderated, except in a situation where one or two words are removed, we will Direct Message the member to explain the reasons why.

The forum needs to be a kind, safe and respectful place where every member feels confident and motivated to contribute to any and every conversation, it is not a Social Media platform where anything goes, there are rules and it is the role of Admins to manage the forum for the benefit of all members.