Why is this bridge so famous?

We are currently half way through a sit in Sussex in the UK .

Today we took a walk to the next village, Hartfield to visit this bridge… but why is this bridge so famous?


I’m going to guess this might be the bridge where “Poohsticks” was first played?


Correct! - It is the real life Poohsticks bridge.

Hartfield is the birthplace of Alan Milne, the author of Winnie the Pooh and this is the bridge in Ashdown Forest ( AKA The hundred acre wood ) that he would play poohsticks with his son, Christopher Robin.
The original bridge has been there since 1907 but was worn out by the thousands of tourists that visit each year so in 1999 it was replaced with the new replica after Disney agreed to help with a large donation towards the costs.


@Colin Very cool! Thanks for sharing this!

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