Why stay on a waterfall in New Jersey if you're visiting New York City?

Hi All,
I"m new to this site and want to introduce myself, Bogie my 12 year old adorable sweet and easy going Havanese and our house in New Jersey. Many folks don’t know this area, it’s a secret only 50 minutes from New York City and super beautiful.

If you’re traveling to the states and want to stay in nature, quiet peaceful beauty, check out my listing (below)! If you love all natural, healthy environments, clean well water, the sound of a rushing waterfall, the view of a huge waterfall feeding a creek and a sunrise on the lake, then this spot may be your stay over before hitting up New York City -

Or maybe you want to get out of the city. I’d love one person (couples considered but really prefer a solo visitor). The house is adorable, gorgeous, and super peaceful.

Writing a book? Come for a retreat… traveling and want a visit or a hike to the Appalacian trail ? or MANY other hiking trails, come visit. I’m traveling in December (5-14th) and looking for the perfect sitter.

If any of this sounds good - a nice retreat- that’s what it is here at Four Hawks Place - and Bogie is just a love bug to snuggle with on a cold winter night!

The beauty here in the winter is of the charts!

You do need a car or you’d be quiet adventurous … My place is still super close to food shopping - all shopping - and errands. And convenient to visit Warwick NY, Vernon NJ, New York City and all in between.

Ok that’s my hello!!! Who do we have out there who resonates with super natural clean living?



We had a Havanese for years and enjoyed the dog and his breed SO much.
We are a couple, and we live in CA, so we will not being applying. However, when we were first married we lived in NJ. We loved exploring the western and southern parts of the more rural parts of the state.

Hi Cyn,
Small syncronicities! NJ and Havanese… I love this being with my entire soul! Where in CA are you now? I’m open to couples! S

Thanks for your openness and we would like to in the future, but we are committed here near Palm Springs through Christmas.
We will permanently be East Coasters effective 1/2022. So, maybe we Havenese lovers and experienced New Jersities can connect next year!


@Provence we contacted @stephanie.bogie to welcome her and to explain that we don’t allow the publication of any links relating to member’s listings, profiles or personal information.

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