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And yet it exists! I’m sure there must be obscure French words that are hard to find in mainstream publications. I did say it was quite an old word, not in very common use.
My old uncle grew up in France and sometimes he would exclaim “sacré bleu” when amazed. Because it was normal for me to hear it, I used the expression to our neighbour when we lived in France a few years ago and he was very amused; he said it was like hearing his grandfather speak!

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"Sacrebleu" is an old expression (I never heard anybody use it in my life !) you could use it without blaspheme,

As I see you understand french, I’ve copied an explanation for you

[Signification. Vieux juron familier servant à décrire la colère, l’étonnement ou l’admiration. Origine de l’expression « sacrebleu » Cette expression est une déformation plus adoucie de « sacredieu » où le bleu est mis à la place de dieu pour éviter le blasphème.En effet, au moyen-âge, le fait même de prononcer le nom de dieu était non seulement blasphématoire mais était … ]([https://www.expressions-francaises.fr/expressions-s/3057-sacrebleu.html]

Ah! I see I guessed the spelling incorrectly :frowning_face:
Thank you for the explanation; I knew something of it but did not understand the use of bleu. Well, my uncle was not from mediaeval times but he was a great character.

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