Would you stay in a static van in the Lake District for a 5 week sit in summer?

Hi. We are in the middle of a renovation project on ourv house so we sleep in a comfy static van (gas, electic, shower , loo, heating etc) right next to house in front garden (we use the kitchen in house and lounge as largerv than caravan lounge n kitchen but those are very functional for a single person or even 2)…
We live in a beautiful village in the Lake district and have a fab dog plus chickens that will need looking after. Trying to decide if we sign up to THS or look for a local teen interested in sitting for us… just wondering if any sitters would be happy to stay in a clean n comfy static van over summer (i.e a static van holiday;) in the lakes or if you only sit in actual houses ??

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Some other folks have listed caravans or RVs. I’d imagine that there’d likely be interest, especially in a good location near amenities.

Some folks might want to try living in an RV.

Personally, I’d be open to it if the RV were in good order and clean, with the usual considerations of pet care expectations, location, etc.


Hi @AngelaPrice , a beautiful village in the Lake District is very desirable. If your van is clean and comfortable, I think you’ll attract sitters. THS has a money-back guarantee. You can get a full refund if you’ve received no applications in the first two weeks, so I think it’s worth a try.


Yes. There is something for everyone.
Personally I have.
And if you do it, others do and would welcome the opportunity.

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If the timing worked out, we would definitely look at that type of sit. We would enjoy experiencing life in a small space to see what it’s like. Plus we’re a little bit adventurous and wouldn’t mind trying different living situations. I’m sure you’ll find sitters interested in your place.

Dan and Nan


@AngelaPrice Agree with others,:very likely that there are sitters, who would be interested in that kind of a sit.

About the money-back guarantee… I don’t think it is very assuring really. Yes, you get your money back, if there’s no applications at all in the first two weeks. However, if you do get 1 or more applications that for one reason or another are not suitable (f.ex. applicants don’t always read the listing too carefully), you will not get your money back. So the risk is still there.


Hi @AngelaPrice, I’ll tackle this from another viewpoint. It’s a great location but what I would be wanting to know is how your renovations being done (I assume while you are away) would impact on the sitters’ privacy, noise levels etc. It may impact on THS Third Party Policy too. It’s good you’ve come to the forum before joining to test sitters’ opinions out.


Yes. I’m up for different situations as long as the owners are upfront and honest and lots of pics are posted!


More than happy to stay in a van, provided the temperature was comfortable.


Definitely! - We had a fantastic month’s stay in a caravan in Wales a couple of years ago.

I would go so far as to say the novelty of a caravan stay would be an asset to your listing


Yers, i would be happy with caravan or narrow boat etc. depending on time of year and location and if it fitted in with dates etc. Sounds great!

Thallnks Temba … what’s the 3rd party policy please?

Thanks for the feedback. What is the v3rd party policy please

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Hi @AngelaPrice here is the Third Party Policy details …

The website Help Centre has answers to member’s FAQ’s here is the link https://support.trustedhousesitters.com/hc/en-gb

@AngelaPrice below is the info on Third Party

Third party policy – TrustedHousesitters

I can see @Angela_L has linked the Third Party Policy for you @AngelaPrice.
If you click on the spyglass top right and type in Workmen on Site there should be a couple of threads for you to read too.

I would as a solo because I’m interested in alternative lodging spaces. Van life, boat life, earth homes appeal to me.

Hi @AngelaPrice,
I spent many happy childhood holidays in a static caravan in Northumberland, then in Whitby. So I love different types of accommodation. There was a homeowner with a narrowboat looking for sitters recently which got filled quickly!

There’s a little narrowboat in Gloucestershire (Frampton on Severn) looking for a sitter for a few days in August. It’s in a great location (I know it as it’s not far from us). The cat does need daily insulin injections. We’d have been quite tempted if we were available

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This would be great for someone adventurous! I’m sure you’ll find a sitter. Why not?