Hi from sitter in Lancaster UK

Hi, I’ve been registered as a sitter on and off since 2018. I’ve enjoyed sits at three different homes prior to Covid. Post covid I decided to work and stay on a small campsite/caravan site in South Wales UK and revisit childhood areas around Tenby.

Next year I plan on doing more travelling in my campervan with my 2 lovely Labradors, that are 6 years and 13 years old. They have accompanied me on previous sits and will be with me next year. I mainly look for sits in rural areas or small holdings as experience suggests those type of HO’s are more amenable to my bringing my dogs with me.

I’m open to suggestions on how to word my profile to make it clear that the pets or animals I sit for are the priority and would get lots of love and attention.

Thanks in advance


Hi Sue
Well, having read your reviews I think they answer your question. It sounds like you’ve been doing a fabulous job and clearly the owners have been delighted with you.
I love Labradors

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Thank you @Smiley I just need to persuade the HO that may be undecided on allowing me to bring my dogs that I would be a safe pair of hands.

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There will probably be quite a few owners that won’t allow your dogs unfortunately. A solution might be if they could sleep in your campervan

That is something I can consider,but the dogs are used to either being inside, they normally sleep downstairs and are adaptable, or me being in the van with them. The sits I’ve done so far they’ve been in a hallway area or with the HO’s pets in a utility room. There’s normally a work round for most situations.

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Hi Sue. Maybe suggest a meet and greet if they have animals, to see if they all get along. What are they like with cats etc.
good luck with everything x

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@Penhardy211 most of the sits I apply for tend to be several hours from home. Previously I’ve arranged to arrive the day before the HO leaves to allow for introductions and handover. Think this is essential for the homes with multiple animals.

I’d certainly consider your suggestion if I were reasonably close by or happened to be in the area in the campervan.