Your 2023 house sitting adventures?

Sharing my 2023 sitting adventures here as well!

This was our first year based in the USA :us:

16 THS sits (6 repeat sits - we fell in love with them all!)
1 outside of THS

171 nights of sitting

States - Pennsylvania, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Colorado

14 dogs
6 cats
6 chickens
2 fish
2 horses

Sadly one of our repeat sits crossed the rainbow bridge and the owners let us know :heart:

Got the opportunity to horse ride again and try out western riding! (learned it is called horseback riding in the USA)

Made many two and four-legged friends along the way.

I also learned so much from the forum community this past year which helped with our sitting adventures.

Happy 2024 sitting adventures to everyone!


I started my year on 1 January in Buckingham, England and am finishing it on 31 December in Stirling, Scotland. It has been only these two countries as I have passport issues (long story to do with having dual nationality!).

20 sits
11 repeat sits
155 days
longest sit 24 days
shortest sit 3 days
28 cats
6 cats I have sat for passed away
a number of repotted houseplants
foxes, hedgehogs, birds to feed
numerous dead mice and bits of mice, and a dead mole

Places stayed:
Buckinghamshire, East Yorkshire, Northumberland, Moray, Glasgow, Peak District, Stirling, Norfolk, Aberdeenshire, North Ayrshire, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, County Durham, Lancashire


I had a low-key year. Wasn’t ready to travel long distances but discovered my own unique way of using TH. I lived in Santa Barbara for 23 years then in 2001 bought a home in Ventura, CA, 27 miles South, along the coast. It’s not a great distance but there’s only one road (Hwy 101) that will get you there directly, and it can be a commuter’s nightmare; not conducive to running up there, visiting a friend all day and coming home.

I had an aha moment in 2022 that I could petsit in SB and if the match worked, I could bring my extremely intuitive and friendly little dog along. It’s been a game changer. I find a sit that seems appropriate (1 other friendly dog) then if accepted, send an email out to all of my SB friends and arrange times when I can get together with them around my petsitting caregiving duties. It’s been wonderful.

So, in 2023 I petsat for 31 days with 3 different dogs including repeats, plus my little Shula. She now has her own reviews. We did venture up to Santa Cruz for a great sit with Bruno for 9 days. 2 of the sits were for people I referred to TH.

Oh yeh I did do one sit right here in Ventura for a lady that had just adopted a little dog that was completely shut down. Little AbbeyRoad had a rough beginning and wasn’t in the greatest of shape. I encouraged the Pet Mom to join Trusted Housesitters (unfortunately it was kind of last minute) but the only responses she had were from 2 different men. Hearing the dog’s history and newness to adoption, I didn’t feel that was appropriate, so my little dog and I agreed to the sit, stayed at their house which is about 5 min. Drive from mine. It was worth it! She has become a wonderful dog, has left her trauma behind and she and my dog are best buds now. Since then Abbey’s owners have

used TH 2 more times with other people and have loved it.

My goal for 2024 is to make it to Lisbon, Portugal in the Spring and to pet sit cats again. I’ve missed them (Shula thinks they are for chasing).

I’ve been both a HO and a Petsitter on this site since 2017 and love it!!


2023 was a year of adventures.

20 sits in
5 states, MA, MD, NC, SC and FL
5 sits were for home owners I’d sat for before.
27 cats
4 dogs
1 parrot

29 weeks away from home.


Wow! Amazing how so many of you do 200+ nights of sitting. We joined in summer of 2022 with the goal of doing sits in desirable places we want to visit anyway, with the bonus of a furry companion or two to love.

In 2023, we did 7 sits for a total of 59 nights. Sits included:
Sydney, Australia
La Quinta, CA
Five sits in South Florida, one of which was a repeat

We decided to move to FL after sitting and vacationing there for several weeks, so we haven’t booked any sits for 2024 yet. We’re still settling into our new home and have several visitors coming, so it will likely be later in the year before we schedule more sits.


If Shula thinks cats are for chasing, I hope you find a way to avoid that, because it’s not right that any pet is subjected to that by some visitor pet. Maybe you won’t bring her for such sits?

Love this!
By the close of 2023, I will have completed 9 sits for 6 different owners. 6 in the UK and 3 in Australia. I already have one lined up for early next year too, when I’m back in the UK.


Very cool that you sat and visited and made your move. I’m planning to do that eventually for retirement, what would be the last of many moves over decades.

In our 20s, my husband and I honeymooned and I did an informational job intw while we were in Hong Kong. A month later, the company added a job and offered it to me, moving us there. We’ve been lucky to live in a bunch of places since.


That’s great! I always thought it would be cool to live in different countries but didn’t have the opportunity. Now that we are retired, we like to travel to other countries for months at a time. Pet sitting helps with the cost, but we don’t like to sit for too long because it restricts our freedom too much. A mix of some sits but mostly independent travel works for us.


We travel full time in a camper van. After spending 6 months in Mexico this past winter/spring (4 of these months stranded waiting for a new transmission for our van), we decided to spend the summer in the Southeast, U.S. to be close to Greg’s aging parents outside of Charlote, NC, and to visit friends and family in South Carolina and Georgia.

We were on a house sit in Atlanta in August when Greg’s father fell ill. He took the van and rushed to his parents’ house. His father died 2 weeks later. After more family arrived, Greg drove the van back to Atlanta and took a bus back to Charlotte. I ended up completing the 3 house sits we had in Atlanta on my own. The funeral was scheduled on my one day break between house sits. I drove 4 1/2 hours to the funeral and 41/2 hours back the next day to Atlanta.

10 house sits (5 with THS)
78 nights

All U.S.
6 in Atlanta, GA
3 in Greenville, SC
1 in Hendersonville, NC

2 repeats

8 cats
7 dogs

Since Greg’s fathers death we have mostly been staying with his mom to help her get things sorted and adjust to being alone. In November we moved out and are now just travel in the van and house sitting to stay close.

Right now we are in Mexico City on vacation! Greg’s brother is with his mom for the holidays. We have 4 house sits lined up in January in North and South Caroline (no more than 2 hours away from Greg’s mom). In the beginning of February Greg’s brother will be moving within 2 hours of his mom. And we are hitting the road again in the van.

House sitting has really worked out for us during this time. The summer it was too hot to stay in the van and now it is too cold. It has been great to find so many sits through THS in the area we need to be in now.


Maybe I wasn’t clear. I would never take her to a sit where there was a cat. I also never take her to a sit where there are two or more dogs. I protect the pets I’m in charge of as much as I protect the rights of my sweet little dog.


Thanks for sharing your sitting statistics. We too had a good year, considering we had an overseas move in the middle of the year.
• 1 sit in Zug, Switzerland (3 cats)
• 3 sits in the Charleston, SC area (2 dogs, 1 cat) one was a return visit
• 1 sit in Knoxville, TN (1 dog)
• I averaged 6.6 miles a day walking (a few of these are my regular runs) for a total of 2421 miles while staying active, some with dogs (no cats ever joined me). The best month was July when I averaged 8.97 miles a day.
• Got to live in Germany (lots of city visits), also visited Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, Switzerland, Korea, Lichtenstein, Lourdes France, Colmar France, Porto Portugal, Krakow Poland and Washington DC, Leavenworth KS, Chicago IL, Fort Atkinson WI, Wilmington NC.
We really enjoy pet sitting and meeting new people and helping with their pets.


We only housesit in school holidays, so our numbers aren’t as impressive as some!

63 nights on housesits and 1 in a B&B
10 housesits, all in the UK (England and Wales)
Pembrokeshire, Wales (2 repeat sits for the same family)
Buckinghamshire (another repeat)

6 dogs
12 cats
1 guinea pig
12 chickens
2 ponds of fish
3 tanks of fish

We did our first back to back sits

We stayed in
a former school
a former mill workers house and post office
a former pub
former farm buildings
a Georgian manor house that was gradually being returned to a family home after being used as a care home

We helped 4 new pet parents begin their THS journey


@Debbie: Those sound like some really interesting sits, especially for kids who are the age of yours. I really admire how you’re exposing your kids to so much. And we’re all on our own adventures, with our own priorities, our own lifestyle preferences, so you don’t need to impress anyone with your numbers.

Personally, my ideal mix of sitting is no more than maybe 6 to 10 a year for what I consider optimal for me. And I’m happy to look after just two or three critters at a time. It doesn’t matter if that impresses no one, LOL.


A great achievement Debbie and a lovely way to spend the holidays. Are you thinking about going abroad at some stage to sit?


@Smiley Yes, hopefully in summer 2024! We’d like to housesit in France. I speak fluent French, and older son Will is taking French as GCSE subject. It would be great for him to hear French spoken and be able to practice speaking it himself.


That looks very impressive to me @Debbie !

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Maybe consider sits in Montreal / Quebec as well? It’s a gorgeous place and French is widely spoken.

A very sad addition to my review of 2023 above .
We have just heard that one of the THS pets that we cared for has passed away in very tragic circumstances.

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I am so sorry to hear this @Silversitters we had exactly the same news very recently too for one of the pets that we had previously cared for. Absolutely heartbreaking :broken_heart: