Your 2023 house sitting adventures?

@Silversitters so sorry to hear this. We had something similar happen in early 2023.

@Maggie8K I would love to sit in Montreal or Quebec! I visited Montreal 7 years in a row (before the kids) to see the Formula 1 Grand Prix, and we often did a road trip afterwards. France is cheaper for us to get to, but I should look at Montreal. I always used to look at any sits there when we used to get the emails with different sits around the world!

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That sounds like fun! I hope you’ll get to visit again.

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Delightful. That’s a nice list of pet friends.

I also do not like to stay in a country for too long. The concept of permanently moving to one country has not crossed my mind. I’d like to stay in a country for a few months, then move to another while I am still capable of doing so.

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Hmmm. I don’t know how I missed this topic.

2023 was kind of a slow year for us sitting but we had some lovely sits.

Mumbai 7 nights - 2 cats
Chiswick London 4 nights - 1 cat
Battersea London 7 nights - 1 cat Repeat sit.
Oxford UK 7 nights - 1 cat
Highgate London 9 nights - 2 cats
Paris 4 nights - 2 cats
Zurich 7 nights - 1 cat
Lausanne 5 nights - 3 cats
Zurich 3 nights - 1 cat
Brussels 19 nights - 2 cats
Lewes UK 3 nights - 1 cat
Vauxhall London 5 nights - 1 cat
Rye UK 7 nights - 3 dogs (a friend and repeat sit)
Singapore 7 nights - 1 cat
Ho Chi Minh City 20 nights - 1 cat

Total = 114 nights, 8 countries 20 cats and 3 dogs.