"Your place or mine"?

I now saw this:

When dog sitting, you could either be asked to keep the dog in your own home or stay in the pup’s palace. If they are coming to stay in your home, make sure everything is dog-proof

What?? This sounds as if it was written for Rover or similar services.

Why would sitters who sign up for THS want to do that?

That totally goes against everything THS stands for and those types of listings were always reported in the past.
Maybe one of the forum team could enlighten us as to what is going on.

Absurd. The author of this has quite a number of articles on THS too. I would hope an actual employee would know and incorporate the THS regulations into their blog posts.

I think this article and many similar ones are probably meant as click bait, it’s not so much about quality but quantity when they push this type of thing out in the hope that someone skims the headings, reads every 5th word and signs up.

And this is EXACTLY where new members get the wrong impression of what THS is about! A prospective HS/HO could think that taking in a dog/pet into their home is on a paid basis (why would anyone take in without payment?) Not everyone reads every single thing on signing up unfortunately (human nature) so this type of advertising is something that could definitely be misconstrued, hence the problems begin. People advertise, people respond, thinking they will be paid. THS you need to fix this.

THS has obviously not edited this……:flushed:

None of us are going to be taking a dog to our home to stay. It must have been copied from elsewhere, not checked and just published without thought, it certainty gives the wrong impression

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Taken from a PawSpace article published the year before (including typos):

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Good spot @pietkuip
And it’s been published on THS for 18 months !

This explains a lot about some pet owners expectations !!!

Just yesterday we received an invitation in our THS inbox to go and collect a dog from 200 miles away and bring him to our home!! :rofl:

Tagging @Jenny so she can request thatTHS to remove this inaccurate and misleading article .


A good example of plagiarism I’m thinking!!! Well spotted @pietkuip! Maybe you’ll find more😉.


THS have actually printed this! Wow, unbelievable.

THS should investigate those texts. Blatant plagiarism and a violation of copyright.

It’s pretty unlikely that it’s plagiarism or copyright infringement. THS probably bought the (non exclusive) license for that content - albeit without sufficiently testing whether it fits with their brand or business model.

You are probably right. I googled the name of the person who is listed as the author and they describe themselves as “Previously Content Manager at TrustedHousesitters”.

Not as a writer.

I guess that such people might be getting replaced by ChatGPT now?

Hello everyone!

Thanks to @Silversitters for tagging me so that I could pass your concerns over to the team that handles our blogs.

We’re really lucky to have such eagle-eyed members who spotted there was an issue here.

I can confirm that the blog post has now been removed, and that the team are checking any other content from this writer (who isn’t writing for THS any more as spotted by @pietkuip) to ensure this was a one-off.

Happy to also confirm that our blogs are written by our wonderful Marketing team, rather than by ChatGPT. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ll be able to provide any further updates on this, but thanks again for taking the time to let us know there was an issue, we were really grateful to have a chance to sort this out.

Jenny :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

Just a quick update to confirm I’m closing this thread now that we’ve been able to investigate and take action on the blog post that was highlighted, as I think the discussion has run its course and I would prefer for it not to go off topic!

Thanks again for the heads up on this.